Week 1: Top 25 College Football Breakdown

Bryant-DennyThe first Saturday of the college football season is here! For the next five months we won’t have to go a single weekend without football and that is something we can all be thankful for. As we head into this day full of great match ups I wanted to take a look at all the teams who are playing ranked in the top twenty-five and tell you what I expect from each game. The game I’m most excited about obviously is the Alabama/USC game which I won’t deny is biased because I am a Bama fan. Out of all the match ups today I don’t find this one to be particularly enthralling. I could be wrong and if I am feel free to find me and smash a pie in my face but I think Alabama will win this game pretty easily and despite the score it won’t even feel close. At eleven this morning we have a three top twenty-five games; one that might be the best game of the day, another that I’ll want to keep an eye on, and another that will be such a blow out it won’t even be worth watching. Bowling Green/Ohio State is a game that I don’t think is even going to be close. The buckeyes win easily so unless you’re a die hard fan of the school do yourself a favor and stay away from the Big Ten Network and find a better match up. Hawaii/Michigan won’t be a good game either and might even be more of a blow out than the Ohio State game but I’m going to at least keep an eye on this one. I’m so glad Michigan is relevant again in college football because the sport as a whole I think benefits by the Wolverines being a legitimate threat out of the Big Ten. This is the first time in a few years that Michigan has opened the season with such a high ranking so it will be interesting to watch their season opener as a top ten team. The game outside of teams I cheer for that I’m most excited about today is the Oklahoma/Houston game. Even though Houston is ranked fifteen and the Sooners are three I think it will be a highly competitive game. Oklahoma is expected to win without too much trouble but I think it will be much closer than a lot of people think with the Sooners eventually getting the win. So if you want to see the best game of the day it’s on at eleven this morning on ABC. You’re welcome.

Moving on we have Rutgers and Washington at one. Washington handles business and there’s really no need to watch unless every single other game is boring or for some reason the only channel on your tv is the Pac-12 Network. At two-thirty there are a couple more missable games in my opinion as well as two that I’m going to watch. The match ups you don’t need to know about because they won’t be competitive are Oklahoma State/Southeaster Louisiana and Iowa/Miami(OH). Let me be clear lest I be misconstrued. I am not saying that if you’re a fan of Iowa or Oklahoma State or Washington that your teams don’t deserve to be watched. I’m only saying that their games today aren’t going to be all that interesting to people outside of the collective fan base of each school. Number five LSU takes on Wisconsin in Green Bay at Lambeau and despite the badgers not being ranked in the top twenty-five I think they will keep it competitive for a while before losing. I think the UCLA/Texas A&M game is going to be very exciting. This could possibly be an upset for the unranked Aggies over number sixteen UCLA. I don’t think UCLA loses but I think it’s going to be really close and I wouldn’t be surprised if they do. That one is on CBS at two-thirty and the LSU/Wisconsin game is on ABC. At four you have twenty-fourth ranked Oregon against UC Davis. Is Chip Kelly still there? What about Marcus Mariota? Nope. There is no reason to watch that game or to fool yourself into high expectations of the Ducks this season.

At four-thirty on ESPN we have according to the rankings what should be the most competitive match up today with number twenty-two North Carolina taking on number eighteen Georgia. I think it will be a decent game and one that I’ll keep my eye on but I think the Bulldogs get the win for Georgia without much trouble. At six-thirty you can keep watching North Carolina/Georgia because there’s no reason to watch Florida/Massachusetts and the same can be said for the game between TCU and South Dakota State. At seven tonight I encourage you to tune in to ABC as my number one ranked Crimson Tide goes into Jerry World and takes care of business over twentieth ranked USC. And finally at eight on ESPN there is the game between second ranked Clemson and unranked Auburn. I will probably be too consumed with the Bama game to watch any significant amount of this one but maybe we can flip over to it during commercials to see Auburn getting a beat down, one of the most beautiful sights in the eyes of a Crimson Tide fan.


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