My 25th Year in Review

As I sit here writing this I have less than an hour left in my twenty-fifth year of life and rather than going out and trying to create one last memorable experience for this chapter I would rather look back on the past year and write about the positive things that happened in my life. The best and most significant event to occur since my last birthday is my wife and I moved from Florida to Memphis, Tennessee. I had been wanting to move there for a while and to finally see it happen was incredibly exciting and a positive experience so far. Since moving to Florida in 2012 we had been living with my wife’s family and even though we were paying rent and a lot of bills it didn’t really feel like we were independent. It was a little bit frightening to move across the country and commit be completely on our own without a job but we took the leap and so far everything has worked out fine.

Another positive experience this year was getting to go on a family vacation with my mom, brothers, wife, and grandmother deep into the northern part of Minnesota. Minnesota holds a special place in my heart because I spent a semester my freshman year of college there and it was nice to go back. In this fast paced technological world that we live in it was nice to be able to get away from everything and just spend a week in the middle of nowhere where it literally was a thirty minute drive to the nearest grocery store. It was great just hanging out at the lake and playing board games with the family and just not worrying about anything. My wife and I tipped our canoe and fell into a leech filled lake and had to swim back to shore but luckily we were unscathed and even in the moment it wasn’t so bad and I actually focused on the positives as we swam back to shore enjoying the coolness of the water. There’s just something about being at a lake in the middle of nowhere that sucks out your ability to be negative. I wish I knew the scientific term for what that is but I’m not that smart; ask the Harvard admissions office.

I don’t like to tie happiness to material possessions but I feel like it’s worth mentioning because it is part of a good experience I had this year. My wife and I both got the brand new iPhones which we had never done before. The last one’s we had were both given to us free for signing a two year contract and they weren’t even the newest iPhones. I felt like this was a positive experience because it was a pretty big expense but we felt secure enough with our finances to get something that we both really wanted and isn’t financial peace something that everyone is striving to attain? Ask Dave Ramsey, he’ll tell you I’m not lying. While we haven’t reached that plateau it was nice to get a taste of the benefits that come with financial peace and knowing the possibilities gives us even more reason to pursue that goal.

The last positive that I want to focus on is my writing. For as long as I can remember my dream has always been to be a writer. Well this twenty-fifth year of my life I can honestly say I have written much more than I ever have at any other point in my life combined. I’m working towards a goal and I feel much closer to achieving it than I did a year ago. I have written some blogs but even more than that I’ve focused on writing a book which is my ultimate goal. It’s not finished but the end isn’t that far off and that motivates me to keep going. I love writing and I try to make a point of doing it every single day no matter what. I’ve skipped days. I’m not perfect but I’m a heck of a lot better than I was last year. Overall I am very happy with how the twenty-fifth year of my life went and I’m very excited and optimistic to see what twenty-six holds. A lot of people have goals or resolutions that they make on New Year’s Day but I have a list of goals for this coming year in my life and I will share that with you in tomorrow’s blog. Thanks for being a part of my life.



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