My Completely Rational Fear of Amusement Park Rides

Over the course of my life I have never been a big fan of amusement park rides. The culmination of my fear of heights coupled with my fear of everything else makes most rides unappealing to me. The first time I went to Disney World when I was either eleven or twelve I was made against my wishes to ride the Rockin’ Rollercoaster, a super fast ride that goes upside down multiple times. I felt sick in line as I awaited my certain death. I went on the ride and I survived and actually enjoyed it and proclaimed it my favorite rollercoaster I’d ever been on which didn’t mean all that much since I hadn’t been on many to that point in my life or really since then. You would think that I would have realized how much I had enjoyed the experience and sought out similar rides in the future but I didn’t because the fear was still there.

To me rollercoasters and rides just seemed unnatural and dangerous. I could reason that you are definitely not going to plummet to your death if you don’t go on a wooden giant but if you’re up there the possibility that you might fall is not completely outlandish. I haven’t been to the fair much in my adult life but my wife and I went with her family to the county fair in Florida and it was a good thing her brothers and sisters went with us so she had someone to ride with because my wife and I are completely opposite when it comes to rides and while she wanted to get on everything it made me feel sick to my stomach just to look at some of the rides. While I think the rides are unnatural my wife wants to become a mechanical engineer and possibly design a rollercoaster. My fear of amusement park rides is more pronounced at the fair because my completely rational mind tells me that these people (workers at the fair) completely break down all the rides on a bi-weekly basis and move it somewhere else where they reassemble everything and open up a few days later and it seems to me that with all the taking apart and putting back together someone is bound to forget a piece at some point and that ride will come crashing to the ground and while the chances of that happening aren’t very likely it’s still a risk that doesn’t seem worth taking.

The reason I am telling you about my completely rational and normal fears of amusement park rides and fair rides specifically are because I finally feel like my fears are justified and have been confirmed. Over the weekend a ride called the Moon Raker at the Delta Fair in Memphis, Tennessee let up the seat restraints prematurely causing more than ten people including children to fall from the ride. Thankfully nobody died but they all ended up in the hospital. While I am not happy that this happened I am glad it’s bring attention to an issue I have worried about for years and I just hope everyone can see this as a warning sign and make the right, safe decision. Just say no to fair rides.


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