Kitchenette:Working to Make Memphis Great

kitchenetteYesterday’s blog was something I had wanted to write about for a while but it was tough for me to build up the courage to do so. The response I got following it was incredibly supportive and I would like to thank everyone for reading and sharing my story and also for the kind words of encouragement offered by so many of you. I know it probably wasn’t easy to read and it may have upset some people but again the outpouring of support was so amazing and I am very grateful to have such wonderful friends and family. While yesterday’s post was very negative I wanted to talk about something positive today. Shelby Farm’s Park has always been one of my favorite things about Memphis and has become a regular part of my life since moving here. I love the city of Memphis and even though it has many problems there are a lot of great things about it as well and the park is definitely one of them. It had been a hope of mine to work in a job where I could share my love of the city with others while also enjoying what I’m doing and today I started a job that I absolutely love and can see myself working at for many years to come.

On September first Shelby Farms opened up a large portion of the park that had been closed for a while during renovations. A new visitors center was built on a hill overlooking Future Lake which has a two and a half mile paved trail around it. At one end of the visitors center a new restaurant opened, the first of its kind in the park and that is where I started working today. The concept is what really drew me in and why I ultimately left my job at Fedex to be a part of this new opportunity. In an effort to promote locally grown food and healthier living more than sixty gardens were planted in schools throughout the city which are maintained by students in the local schools. Everything served at the restaurant is locally grown and produced and most of the fresh food is very healthy with options for vegetarians, vegans, and people living a gluten free lifestyle. I loved the fact that this restaurant that originated in Colorado came to Memphis and is using their business to teach children and the community about green living. I am proud to put on my apron every day and greet Memphians as they walk through the doors of Kitchenette for the first time. It makes me happy to work for a company with such strong values whose primary focus is on the community in which they operate. I am genuinely excited to be a part of Kitchenette and hope to be there for a long time. It is not only great food but when looking at the bigger picture it is great for Memphis as well and that to me is of the utmost importance.


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