LAmest Football Game I’ve Ever Seen

case-keenumHave you ever had to sit through a three and a half hour lecture about the molecular buildup of potting soil? If so I envy you because there is no doubt in my mind that it was much more exciting than the football game last night. It was the second game of the the opening week Monday night double header which didn’t start until 9:20 and there could not have been a less interesting match up. I am very interested to see the ratings from that late game last night because I’m sure it will have the lowest numbers of any nationally televised game of the season. Even the most dedicated fans aren’t staying up past midnight to watch Blaine Gabbert against Case Keenum at quarterback. I would guess that the majority of tv ratings that the Rams/49ers game got came from people who left their televisions on following the first Monday night game and left the room to do something far more interesting like organizing the yarn drawer rather than watch a match up between two serial backup quarterbacks who let’s be honest weren’t even considered very good in that regard. There was a lot of hype surrounding the Rams move from St. Louis to Los Angeles and drafting a quarterback with the first pick in the draft but guess what? You’re still the Rams and their prodigious quarterback was inactive for his very first NFL game last night. Poor kid. It’s such a shame he got hurt his very first preseason in the NFL. Nope, the kid is perfectly fine and he sat on the bench in street clothes because his head coach thought it would be best for his growing process to sit on the bench during his first game with no chance of playing learning from the almighty Case Keenum who had two picks and no touchdowns last night. Jeff Fisher seems like a good guy and I’ve generally liked him as a coach over the years but that just seems like one of the most idiotic things to do. At the very least let Goff get dressed out for the game and then if you find yourself in a situation where you can’t move the ball on offense throw the kid into the fire and get him some real game reps. I do believe it’s a good thing when a quarterback can sit behind an experienced veteran and learn from him for a couple of years like Rogers behind Favre but Keenum isn’t anything close to an experienced veteran. There’s a reason the Rams had as many punts last night as they did first downs; Case Keenum is terrible.

Blaine Gabbert actually showed a little bit of promise last night but more so with his legs than his arm, and the Niners running back Carlos Hyde looked great rushing for 88 yards and 2 touchdowns. They won the game 28-0 and I admit how wrong I was in picking the Rams to win it. I suppose I was looking at the matchup through Todd Gurley colored glasses but he was completely irrelevant. It is completely shocking to me that he rushed for 47 yards last night, not because it’s incredibly low compared to what it should have been but because watching the game it rarely looked like he gained positive yardage. I don’t think any of that is his fault because once the 49ers realized (like 3 years ago) that Case Keenum was not a threat with his arm that freed them up to load up the front and completely shut down the running game.

I had several key takeaways from the abhorrent game last night, the first of which being that the 49ers defense is better than I expected them to be. Sure they were going up against the worst week 1 starting quarterback but they were also going up against a really good running back and they completely shut him down. Secondly, Jeremy Kerley was a fantastic pick up and he along with Carlos Hyde might provide the spark needed to keep this offense rolling through the season. The only concern I have about Kerley is that Blaine Gabbert is the one being trusted to get him the ball and while his arm looked okay last night he wasn’t always that accurate throwing downfield which is imperative if they want to spread out their offense to open up the run game. My final takeaway is that the Rams are still as irrelevant as ever and all of the hype surrounding them was unwarranted. Maybe in another twenty-two years we will care about them again.


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