No Health Insurance=No Hope?

Today was a rough day. It was rough for me and for my wife. Unfortunately yesterday my wife injured her back at work and although it didn’t seem serious turned into something that was pretty terrible. My wife texted me at work yesterday and said that she had hurt her back but it was nowhere near as serious as she had first thought. By the time we went to bed last night she could hardly move without grimacing in pain and hoping for it to pass before moving another inch. This morning tears rolled down her face as she tried to raise herself out of bed. I was heartbroken. It hurt me so much emotionally to see her in so much physical pain but there was little we could do about it. I gave her a couple of aleve before getting into my car and heading to work. I got a text message from her informing me that her boss had told her she needed to come in to work and get checked out by a company trainer before she went to a doctor to get her back checked out. This might have been okay but she was on the couch unable to sit up much less able to stand up, walk down the stairs of our apartment then drive the twenty-five minute journey to her work where she would have to walk up three flights of stairs and then take a shuttle bus to her work area where she would have to write down what happened before doing that again. This was necessary because she didn’t have health insurance since moving two months ago from Florida. She worked full-time for almost four years in Florida but now that we had moved she had to wait three months before getting that same benefit that she had earned before.

It’s not an uncommon thing in this country to have to wait a certain period for health insurance and to me it is completely ridiculous. Why should someone who had been working a steady job for more than three years be denied basic health care just because they have moved? It seems absurd to me that any American citizen be denied healthcare just because they haven’t been employed at a certain place for a specific time. Canada is absolutely better than the United States in that it offers it’s citizens free health care. If you look at the numbers in our country it is absolutely crazy how much money we spend on our military; I did a paper on it in college. If we took a small portion of that amount and used it on the citizens who live here we could still spend much more than anywhere else on our military. I feel that we shouldn’t spend more money protecting our national security than we do protecting the loyal citizens of the United States but that’s just me. It’s a nice fantasy to have a healthcare system where those who work get better medical benefits but what about those people who work hard? It’s a tough issue with no easy fix but I for one don’t think the current system is working. It’s amazing to me that people who don’t work can get disability and access to world class health care but those who work hard and are injured on the job are pushed to the side. I don’t have a solution but something has to be done, not because of my family’s misfortune but for all of the others like us who spend their lives in pain because they can’t afford to get help.


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