Week 3 College Football Picks

ole-missalabamaAh, it’s the third Saturday of the college football season and after that pretty pathetic slate of week two games we are back on track today with some really interesting match ups. Of course being unable to set aside my fandom for the Alabama Crimson Tide the game I’m most looking forward to is the Bama/Ole Miss 2:30 game on CBS. I think it will be a pretty close low scoring game but I think the Tide ultimately walks out of Oxford with the win, handing Ole Miss their second loss of the season in just three weeks. I really wish I didn’t have to work today because at eleven number 10 Louisville takes on the 2nd ranked team in the country, Florida State. To me that is going to be the second best game of the day behind 12th ranked Michigan State number 18 Notre Dame. That is going to be the best because it will be the only top 25 game that comes down to the very end and results in the higher ranked team being upset. That’s right Notre Dame fans, you should’ve won the Texas game and you will get your vengeance today against Michigan State.

Miami beats Appalachian State and contrary to popular belief I don’t think it will be that close of a game. The Hurricanes win by two scores and App State crawls back into their hole not to be heard from until next year when they play a top 25 team early and people speculate on a potential upset that won’t happen. Clemson beats South Carolina State in a blowout that breathes new life into their program and despite the game being meaningless they will once again be talked about as an end of the year playoff potential champion. Not so surprisingly Iowa has another cupcake match up against North Dakota State, a game they will win but not by a margin large enough to consider them a real threat down the stretch. Tennessee handles their business at home against Ohio easily and Arkansas does the same against Texas State. I think the Hogs are going to move up in the rankings after this weekend and they will be a fun team to watch throughout the season bringing a new wave of hope to the Natural State.

Number 4 ranked Michigan beats a decent Colorado team in what I think will be a close game in the first half and Oregon will struggle to beat unranked Nebraska but will ultimately come away with a win. I will probably watch the LSU/Mississippi State game tonight on ESPN 2 but I think the Tigers win by at least two scores. Texas A&M beats Auburn in a close game which as a Bama fan could be fun to watch. I’m hoping it comes down to the end and Auburn loses a heartbreaker on a missed field goal. Ohio State/Oklahoma won’t be as close as everyone thinks it will be. The Sooners coming off a bye week following their week 1 upset against Houston will come out sluggish and the Buckeyes will strike early and will hold the lead for the entirety of the game.

Georgia beats Missouri while Florida beats North Texas with an underwhelming performance from the Gators. USC and Stanford I think will be a decent game with the Cardinal narrowly escaping an upset. Washington handles Portland State in a game that I won’t watch for a second despite being a prime time Saturday night match up. And finally, 11th ranked Texas uses their high powered offense to destroy California in a game that won’t even be close. I hope I am wrong in some of my picks and we get a repeat of week 1 upsets but outside of Notre Dame beating Michigan State it is probably just wishful thinking.


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