Week 2 NFL Picks


Thursday night kicked off the second week of the NFL season with the Jets beating the Bills as I thought they would but Buffalo made it a much closer game than I thought they would. As an unapologetic and biased fan of the Dallas Cowboys their game against the Redskins is the one I’m most interested in today but unfortunately for the second consecutive week I won’t be able to watch it since I’ll be working. I thought Kirk Cousins looked awfully inaccurate last Monday and made it seem like last year might have been a fluke and while I would love to mercilessly belittle all Redskins players I think it’s too early to make a final judgment on Cousins. I’m hoping he comes out looking as terrible as he did last week against the Steelers but something tells me he’s going to play better today against the Cowboys and make it a close game. I think Dak Prescott for Dallas is going to be more comfortable hanging in the pocket and taking more shots down the field than he did last week which will open up Ezekiel Elliott and the running game. Dak won’t be throwing over forty times today and Zeke will have a big game on the ground. It may be a homer pick but I think the Cowboys win 20 to 16.

“Wow, the 49ers looked really good Monday night. They held the Rams to zero points and only ten first downs while putting up twenty-eight points of their own. I actually think their game against Carolina today will be close and San Francisco could get the win.” Slow down. There is no way they are beating the Panthers today and there is no way they’re making the playoffs this year. The week 1 success was just an illusion due to an unwatchable Los Angeles Rams team. I’m taking the Steelers over the Bengals because last week Cincinnati struggled and almost lost against Ryan Fitzpatrick and the Jets and Pittsburgh has much better offensive weapons in Big Ben and Antonio Brown. I think it will be close but Pittsburgh wins. I’m taking the Chiefs over the Texans and Lions over Titans. I actually really like Matt Stafford and hope last week against Indy was a realistic glance of what we can expect from Detroit this year. Who am I taking; Ravens or Browns? Do I even justify this idiotic question with an answer? The ONLY way I MIGHT pick Cleveland is if they were playing the Rams this week but they’re not. Ravens win, obviously.

I think the Saints and Giants will be a good game with Eli and the G-Men ultimately getting the W. For some reason the Dolphins always start the season looking better than they actually are and occasionally are able to steal a game from the Patriots early on. I think Miami will rise to the occasion today and hand the Garoppolo led New England team their first loss of the season prompting sportscasters everywhere to reconsider their claims that Garoppolo is a franchise quarterback. Miami wins but it’s too soon to throw the Pats interim quarterback under the bus. I think Bucs against the Cardinals will be a close game but Arizona bounces back from their loss to New England and beats Tampa Bay. Picking the Seahawks and Rams is almost if not more laughable than Ravens and Browns. The mighty Rams of Los Angeles played one of the worst football games I’ve ever seen in my life Monday night and gave up twenty-eight points to a quarterback with major accuracy issues whose main contribution was running with the ball. I think Seattle wins but Los Angeles might score some points today. Atlanta and Oakland will be a decent high scoring game I think with the Raiders getting their second straight win and I’m picking the Jaguars over the Chargers in an afternoon game that shouldn’t be that fun to watch.

Colts and Broncos will be interesting. I hope Andrew Luck and company can bounce back off that loss to Detroit and I think they will today against Denver. Trevor Siemien looked okay last week against a great Panthers defense and I think he will excel against the mediocre Colts D but Indianapolis will find a way to win this close game. I’m expecting tonight’s Packers/Vikings game to be closer than a lot of people think. Green Bay is great and they’re going to win but I think Minnesota has the talent even without Bridgewater at quarterback to keep it interesting down to the end. And finally, tomorrow night’s game between the Eagles and Bears will give me no joy whatsoever as Philadelphia gets the win over Chicago keeping them atop the NFC East with the Giants a game over my Cowboys.

I’ve been wrong before and I’ll be wrong again but these are my picks of who I think will win.


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