Being Wrong Never Felt so…Wrong

Are you kidding me? It’s week two of the NFL season and for the most part everything is in complete chaos at this point. I enjoy writing and I enjoy telling you who I think will win but as the scores started rolling in yesterday I was cringing at how wrong I was. I got some right, most important of those being my Cowboys got the road win at Washington. I should be happy right? Dallas won’t go 0-16 this season and that is something to be happy about and indeed I am happy in that respect but overall I was clouded by a sense of disappointment at how off I was on most of my picks. The one that is truly baffling to me and by far the most head scratching score of the game is Los Angeles winning their first game back home against the once mighty Seattle Seahawks. That’s right, the Seahawks team that went to two consecutive Super Bowls in the past three years, the Seahawks that everyone regarded as a potential dynasty lost yesterday to the Rams who by the way still haven’t scored a touchdown this season. Not, the offense hasn’t scored a touchdown but nobody in blue and yellow Rams uniform has crossed the goal line this year and gotten points for doing so. What is going on with Seattle? They struggled in week 1 against an underachieving Miami Dolphins team and then in week 2 they lose 9-3 to a team that I still believe is the worst team that we’ve seen in the NFL in a while. The score of that game caused more disbelief than anything to the point where I checked the score again this morning to make sure it wasn’t just a really weird dream. It was not and now the Rams sit atop the NFC West tied with every other team in that division. This is madness I tell you!

Moving on. Yesterday my most outlandish prediction was that the Dolphins were going to beat the Patriots and while that didn’t happen it was really close. Miami only lost by a touchdown and I still think it was closer than most people expected it to be. The game that scared me the most was the Browns/Ravens noon match up. I said there was no way that Cleveland was going to win but Baltimore really struggled for a while and narrowly escaped being beaten by a team that is just slightly better than the worst team talent wise in the league right now. I was pretty sure the Colts would beat the Broncos yesterday but once again was incorrect. I think it might be time to start taking Denver seriously or maybe it’s time to just regard everything I’m saying because I obviously have no idea what I’m talking about. The Chiefs fell to the Texans and the Lions lost to the Titans. Do you need more examples of my cluelessness? I picked the Jaguars who got obliterated by the Chargers, the Raiders who lost to Atlanta and oh yeah the big Sunday night game where Green Bay fell to the Sam Bradford led Vikings.

The funny thing is I think my NFL picks were more accurate than my college picks on Saturday but I’m not going to go into details on that right now as I don’t know how much more public shame I can take. I’m not going to quit making picks but next Sunday morning as I sit at this computer to give my insight into the national football league I will not be expecting you to gain much insight from the words I am writing. I am just a fan that occasionally guesses the winner of a game. I don’t do this to prove I am smarter or know more about the game than you or anyone else because clearly I do not but one of these days I’m going to have an incredible week of picks and it’s going to be so sweet bragging about it the next day.


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