The Time I Almost Got Arrested

Back in the fall of 2013 I decided that after seven months without much success as a realtor it was time to give that up and pursue a line of work with a more reliable income but I wanted to honor my clients with existing deals in place so I wasn’t going to quit until the last deal was done. I had been working with a difficult couple from Boston whom I found a condo for in a retirement community but the process to ownership was taking awhile because that particular property was in probate, meaning the previous owner had died and while it was going to be sold my clients had to wait through months of court proceedings where the executor of the will was named before they could legally buy it. They were under contract but there was no definite date for the transfer of title due to the previously mentioned probate situation.

These clients of mine were quite impatient and even though they knew that there was no certain timetable for the legal process to be complete still called me almost every day demanding information from me and at times yelling at me even though I had no control of the situation. It was harassment but I put up with it because these people were recommended to me from a realtor I worked closely with and that I respected so I was just trying to do right by him by putting up with the insanity. The clients are what people in Florida referred to as snowbirds or people from up north who moved to Florida during the winter to escape the harsh cold and snow. They wanted to move down that winter of 2013 but unfortunately the title to their condo still couldn’t be legally transferred to them so in the spirit of helping them out I looked for properties that they could rent for a few months in the Winter so that they could at least live in Florida while they awaited the close of probate which was something they were open to.

I found them a beautiful rental right across the street from the beach at a reasonable price and they were all set to move in at the very end of October. They would be flying from Boston and I was going to meet them at the office and escort them to their rental home and everything was going to work out great. The time they had agreed to meet at the office was about half an hour after their plane was supposed to arrive although they didn’t tell me this initially so I got to my office and after waiting for a bit decided to give them a call to see if they had made it. Their flight landed in Orlando about two hours away and they hadn’t bothered to realize that it would be impossible to be at my office at the time they had originally said. We agreed on a new time and I showed back up to my office about ten minutes early when I received a call from the receptionist informing me that my clients were waiting for me and were quite unhappy that I was late. Idiots. I went upstairs to meet them and apologized for my tardiness which was stupid because it still wasn’t the time we had scheduled to meet but I just wanted to get through this process as quickly and painlessly as possible and be done with these psychopaths for good.

They followed me to the rental condo and upon arrival I realized that the address on the listing was shared by everyone else in that community and I didn’t have the specific unit number. I had talked to the realtor with the listing earlier in the day and she informed me that she was going to leave the unit doors unlocked and they keys would be hidden inside since we weren’t able to meet earlier in the day and I made the mistake of mentioning this to my clients at the office. So while I tried calling the realtor to get the specific unit number my idiotic clients decided on their own to walk around and try opening doors to find their condo. The agent I was trying to reach didn’t answer her phone but by the time I got through leaving a voice mail I heard angry yelling behind me. I could not believe that these people had been trying to open doors which is completely appalling. They had walked in on a family eating dinner in the kitchen and that family was very angry which is completely understandable given the circumstances. I walked over and apologized on behalf of my clients which was met with yelling by both the husband and wife of the condo and my clients who insisted that I had directed them to open doors until they found the right one which was a complete lie.

I was stunned that they were boldly lying about me and as I denied it vehemently to the angry homeowners I heard the police sirens coming towards me. They had called the cops because of an attempt at breaking and entering, an accidental crime that my clients had stupidly committed but were now blaming solely on me. This was the only time have ever been questioned by police as a suspect in my life and it was not a pleasant experience. They separated me, my clients, and the other couple and talked to us all separately. I was the last one they spoke to and I could tell that he thought I was guilty of orchestrating this ridiculous plan. After explaining my side of the story and showing my phone call history as proof that I was on the phone at the time of the alleged breaking and entering the only concrete proof of wrongdoing was that my two clients walked into a home alone, without me while I was in the parking lot on the phone.

The police were there for over an hour, talking to me and my clients who had unfortunately been reunited and then going to speak with the homeowners presumably to find out if they were going to be pressing charges. Every time the officer stepped away from us to go speak with the other couple my clients would yell at me telling me how all this was my fault and the fact that the condo they wanted was in probate was causing so much stress on their lives. At one point the wife began crying and the husband yelled at me for that too although it couldn’t have been because of something I side because I stood there silently taking the abuse hoping more than anything that I wouldn’t get arrested or have to pay a fine for the stupidity of people I was working for.

Eventually the charges were dropped and the police officer left me to be harassed for a while longer by my terrible clients. They ended up not renting the place because they thought they would be viewed as criminals by the rest of the community for walking into a strangers home and committing a CRIME. I don’t know what happened to them after that but I told them I couldn’t work with them anymore and I told the Realtor who recommended them to me he could take them if he wanted but I was finished with them. Maybe the went for a swim in the ocean the next day and drowned. I can dream right? That was the last real estate deal I was ever a part of and to this day I don’t regret my decision to let my Realtor license expire. There were very few pleasant experiences in my brief career as a real estate agent but the time I almost got arrested definitely tops the list.


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