Why You Should get into Disc Golf

When I was in high school my youth minister at church introduced me and some of my friends to the game of disc golf. I wasn’t all that good but I played sporadically while still in school and had a lot of fun doing so but after I graduated and went to college I really never played again. That is until a little over a year ago when I was on vacation visiting my family in Arkansas. My brothers and I were looking through some stuff in the garage and found my old disc golfing bag which had about five discs in them and that is when we had the great idea to create an impromptu course on my grandparents property. They had ten acres of land and we had the discs so all we needed to do was decide on where the holes were located. Keep in mind this was in Arkansas so it was a little bit of a redneck aspect as we weren’t going to bother buying fancy baskets to use as the holes but decided we would just decide on a land mark, usually a tree and when you hit that with the disc you had made the shot. It was so much fun but it ended too quickly due to the sun setting and me losing two discs on the roof. Hey it was my first time playing in at least five years so cut me some slack. The next day my wife and I left Arkansas and went to Tennessee to visit my family there and while I knew we would do a lot of fun activities I still had the itch to play more disc golf. That night my dad and I each bought a starter set of discs as I had left mine with my brothers so they could continue playing with them. You’re probably thinking that I’m a great brother for putting the enjoyment of my brothers ahead of my own but the truth is I probably just forgot them and I tell myself that just to feel better.

My dad and I along with my wife went to a really nice course in Memphis and played the full eighteen holes and we were all pretty terrible but we had a lot of fun. After the trip when I returned to Florida I found a local course and played that quite a bit throughout the next year before I moved and actually got pretty good at least in my opinion. When my wife and I moved to Memphis one of the things I was most excited about was that there are several disc golf courses pretty close to where we live so I knew I would get to play even more and that is exactly what I’ve done over the one month period that I’ve been here. There are a lot of good things to be said about the activity (I’m reluctant to call it a sport since it’s basically throwing a frisbee towards a basket) of disc golf and I would like to share with you my favorites.

Playing disc golf is free. Sure you have to spend a little bit of money initially for the discs but they are relatively inexpensive and that is the only time you will have to pay anything to play. There are courses everywhere. Just do a google search of disc golf courses in your area and you should find a course pretty close to where you live. Unlike regular golf you don’t have to pay at all to use any of the many public courses available so choosing to do this makes for a fun and maybe as importantly free activity that so far for me has not gotten old.

Although I hesitated to call it a sport earlier you actually can get good exercise playing. Okay so you aren’t training for a marathon but a lot of the time spent playing involves walking. You throw the disc, walk to it, throw it again and that pattern continues for the entirety of the course. Playing disc golf is a fun way to add some exercise to your day. It’s something fun hiding the thing that you may not enjoy all that much like broccoli covered in cheese. Another thing I love about disc golf is that it can either be done by yourself or with others. The versatility of this allows you to play pretty much anytime that it’s not dark outside. If you and your friends are once again sitting around thinking of something to do just head out to the disc golf course. If you, like me are off work on a weekday when most other people are working I almost always will go to the course at some point just to work on my game. If playing alone challenge yourself to get a good score even though you can’t technically win that round.

So far it has never become boring to me. In life most people are always striving to do better or to be better and disc golfing is no different. Every time I step onto the driving box at the first hole I am determined to get my best score ever this round. This constant striving to get better is what draws me in and keeps me interested. If I could just be content with mediocrity I’m sure I would have lost interest pretty soon after I started playing again. I can visualize where the disc needs to be thrown to get it where I want it to go and while I don’t always have the shot I want it gives me a reason to come back another day and try again. Also, the more you play the better and the better you are the more fun you will have, trust me.

If you’ve never played before I urge you to try it, you might just find a new hobby that you really enjoy. It’s free, you get good exercise, and can play it anytime whether you are with a group or by yourself plus it’s just nice to be outside and enjoying nature for a little while. I don’t have any tips or techniques to add but maybe as I continue playing I will be good enough to feel confident offering advice. Have fun!


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