Dream Diary: Peyton Manning Hates Me


Last night I had a dream that I was at the Ole Miss football stadium but there wasn’t a game. There were only two people on the entire field, Peyton Manning and his dad Archie and they were doing what many a father and son do in the portrait of a perfect family, tossing the football back and forth playing catch. I don’t know why I was there as the dream began with me sitting on the fourth row of the stadium watching one of the greatest football players of all time tossing the ball around with his dad. I’m also unsure why but I was the only male in the stands and there were several females on the front row looking admiringly at the recently retired Super Bowl winning quarterback. After a few minutes Archie left the field and Peyton made his way to the sideline towards his group of giggling fans and with that Nationwide smile on his face asked if anyone wanted his autograph. For some reason none of the girls answered but I stuck my hand halfway into the air and said that I would like one. Peyton looked at me like I had just said something incredibly stupid and chuckled as he said “that’s kind of weird but alright.” I explained to him that my brother’s birthday was coming up and he was a huge fan and it would be a great gift if I could give him your autograph. He called me cheap as I was attempting to get my brother a free autograph rather than spend money on an actual gift for his birthday but I let it slide not wanting to get into an argument with one of my favorite quarterbacks. I told him my brother’s name was Logan and asked if he could personalize the autograph for him and write a birthday message. He definitely thought I wanted the signature for myself and called me Logan as he obliged and wrote the message. I thanked him and before he walked away he said “if this really is for your brother then it’s a gift from me. I don’t know what you’re going to get him but you better head to the store.”

I don’t know the significance of this dream but meeting the great Peyton Manning definitely didn’t go the way I had planned. Logan if you read this I need to reiterate that it was only a dream and I don’t in fact have an autographed football to give you on your birthday. I know whatever I get you won’t be as awesome as that but maybe one day I will meet Peyton and get it for you. I hope you enjoy the Cowboys shirt or hat or whatever it is you receive from me. I’ve only got four days so I guess I better head to the store.


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