NFL Week 3 Picks


Yesterday I was right on on some picks, predicting wins for Ole Miss, Texas A&M, and Tennessee, and then I was wrong on some picks like taking Michigan State over Wisconsin, LSU over Auburn, or thinking UCLA would upset Stanford (which really almost happened). Overall yesterday I was 11-3 which isn’t perfect but at least I was right 78 percent of the time and after last week’s atrocities I’ll gladly take just three losses. Now that college football is behind us it’s time to move on to the meat of the weekend with today’s slate of NFL games. You can call me a homer all you want but I’m actually objectively looking at facts as I’m taking the Cowboys over Chicago tonight. Dallas has shown promise in each of it’s first two games and were very close to winning in week 1 which would make them 2-0 and Chicago is a pretty pathetic 0-2 at the moment. This will be the first Cowboys game I’ve gotten to see this year so I’m glad they’re playing a lousy Bears team that they should have no trouble beating.

I’m taking the 2-0 Giants over the 0-2 Redskins. It’s really unfortunate that both teams can’t lose but New York wins to be the sole team atop the NFC East after this week. So if the Giants are in the lead that must mean that the Eagles lose today right? Yep, they are losing at home to Big Ben and the explosive offense that is the Pittsburgh Steelers. I still can’t figure out how the Vikings managed to beat Green Bay last Monday and they may be a real contender but I’m taking the Panthers at home to get the win. Arizona at Buffalo should be an interesting game to see how the Bills are a week after firing their offensive coordinator. The Cardinals will get the win and Rex Ryan will shock us all by doing or saying something dumb today. The 0-2 Dolphins will beat the 0-2 Browns at home today. Although Cleveland played Baltimore pretty close last week, the Dolphins are just a few points from 2-0 and I don’t think today’s game is going to be close.

I’m picking the 0-2 Jaguars at home over the 2-0 Ravens. I think the Jags are a lot better than people give them credit. I have been high on Jacksonville all season so if they disappoint me today then I don’t know how much longer I can back them. Denver has really surprised me this season on the offensive side of the ball but I think today they’ll be handed their first loss by the Bengals. I’m taking the Raiders at Titans today and the Buccaneers at home over the Rams who after two games still haven’t scored a touchdown. Lions at Packers should be a good game but I think Green Bay wins coming off their loss on Monday Night Football to the Vikings. I just don’t know what’s been going on with Seattle so far this year but I’m going to take them at home over the 49ers. If the Seahawks defense can stack the box and force an inaccurate Blaine Gabbert to throw the ball then San Francisco will have a lot of three an outs. I’ve picked incorrectly that the Colts would win their last two games and guess what I’m doing it again. I think they beat the Chargers at home today.

The Jets offense has looked really good so far and the Chiefs Defense has not so I’m taking New York on the road. The final game of the week, the Monday night game between the Falcons and Saints is one that I think will be a really close game. I’m taking Atlanta on the road over New Orleans to give the Saints an 0-3 start to the season. Come back tomorrow morning to find out how wrong or how I right I was with my week 3 picks.


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