Things More Fun Than Voting in This Election


The first time I voted in a presidential election was in November 2008 just two months after my eighteenth birthday. It was an exciting thing to be able to vote and I was really excited about one of the candidates running and the message of change he brought to what I and many others believed was a flawed country. That is how elections should work, at least in my opinion. You should be able to fully buy into a candidate and their message and support them and hope with all your heart on election day that they win because that is what’s best for the country. Unfortunately, this 2016 election at least for me and from what I gather on social media a lot of others is nothing at all like that. I know exactly who I’m voting for but it has little to do with me liking the candidate but rather disliking the other candidate more. This election to me is about choosing the lesser of two evils rather than choosing someone you believe in which is terribly sad because we’re going to have to live with this decision for at least the next 4-8 years. I couldn’t tell you who won the first of the presidential debates last night but I thought it was pretty clear who the loser was, us, the American voters. Last night during the debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton I found myself longing to be a seventeen year old teenager again, that way I wouldn’t have the responsibility to vote this year. Democracy is amazing and it’s such an honor to vote and know that you’re voice was actually heard but thinking about the candidate I’m going to vote for and imagining that person winning gives me a terrible sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. That being said, what follows are things that I would much rather do than vote in this election.

Rather than voting I would sit through a marathon of all the Tyler Perry made Madea movies. I personally haven’t seen any of the what is probably somewhere in the hundreds of these movies but I have seen the previews and every single one of them looks terrible. Not only do I truly believe I wouldn’t laugh at a single thing throughout the whole marathon of these “comedies” but I might even get physically sick from having to endure seeing Tyler Perry dressed as an old woman for hours on end. If I didn’t have to vote I would gladly give up all food and eat mayonnaise for the rest of my life. That is one of my least favorite things in the world which can easily create a vomit inducing gag session based on smell alone. I may not be able to keep it down and die of starvation in a couple of weeks but that may be preferable to living under the reign of our next president.

Sports is a huge part of my life and my favorite team in any sport is the Dallas Cowboys but if you told me I could travel back in time and be too young to vote in this election I would gladly trade in my Cowboys fandom for that of their bitter rivals, the Washington Redskins. I would cheer for the ugly maroon jerseys that look like cough medicine and give me a headache to look at and would support a team that never really has any hope of winning the Super Bowl just to avoid having to make what could be a lose-lose decision. I have a terrible fear of loud noises, balloon popping in general but if you told me I didn’t have to vote this year I would gladly allow someone to follow me around, lurking in the shadows popping balloons in my face whenever the balloon popper feels like it. Sure, if that were actually happening to me I would be living in constant fear but I’m afraid I’ll be living that way soon enough if a certain candidate gets elected to run our country.

Although all of these things seem much more appealing than choosing to put my confidence in either Donald or Hillary I am going to vote this November. It is one of the greatest responsibilities we have as citizens of the United States and it cannot be taken lightly. If you are like me and the thought of either candidate as president makes you cringe don’t give up hope forego your civic duty but rather do some research and find out which candidate aligns more with your beliefs about how the country should be run and vote for that person. Chances are that neither of these people are your picture of the perfect president but one of the candidates is the lesser of two evils and sadly in this election that is how we’re going to have to vote.


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