Blue Plate in the Morning: Diners Heed Warning

blue-plateToday started off great. I got up and got in a little exercise session and since we didn’t have to work today my wife and I decided to head to one of our favorite breakfast spots in Memphis, The Blue Plate Cafe. I truly hate what I’m about to write but it needs to be said because in this blog I strive to be completely honest and not sugarcoat bad experiences and this morning at the Blue Plate I had a very bad experience. I hope it’s just a one time misstep for a longtime Memphis establishment but I can tell you with absolute certainty that I won’t be back there for a while. While the overall context of this review is going to be negative I will start with the one positive aspect of my breakfast which was the biscuits and gravy. Admittedly I haven’t even touched the surface of eating at all the breakfast places here but of the restaurants I have been to The Blue Plate Cafe has the best biscuits without a doubt. They are big, buttery, flaky, and absolutely delicious. Ladle a hefty amount of their homemade gravy and you are in a southerner’s paradise. Growing up in Arkansas I definitely appreciate biscuits and gravy and these did not disappoint.

The scrambled eggs with cheese I had while not terrible were nothing special and were slightly overcooked and even though it’s not something you normally wish for in food I would have loved to say that about my sausage which was quite the opposite. I think this is the first time I’ve ever been out for breakfast and was served undercooked sausage. It is not only disgusting but could potentially be dangerous to the consumer and cause to never revisit the restaurant who expected it to be eaten. The hash browns while cooked fine didn’t taste much of anything except for salt, a cardinal sin in the culinary world. Nobody should have to down multiple cups of terribly weak coffee and a glass of water just to get through a meal because the cook doesn’t know how to season their food properly. My wife felt similarly about all aspects of the meal and while she ordered bacon instead of sausage it wasn’t cooked to her liking.

Eating at The Blue Plate Cafe for breakfast this morning was a huge mistake and we felt sluggish for the rest of the morning due to the high content of sodium ingested on the hash browns. It’s a good thing I didn’t have to work today because I didn’t feel like doing much of anything following the meal other than sit still and wait for the terrible food to be digested. The service, while not the main component of a meal, is integral to one’s enjoyment while eating out and the waiter, although he was quick on the refills necessary to continue trudging through the salty potatoes, was not very personable and grunted more than he spoke. Overall, I am giving today’s breakfast a 3 out of 10 solely based on the taste of the biscuits and gravy. I am not going to write off The Blue Plate Cafe completely but today I left greatly disappointed. It is my hope to visit all of the good breakfast places in Memphis and eventually name one as the best in the city but if the Blue Plate is going to contend for the title they really need to step up their game the next time I visit.


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