Week 5 College Picks: A Look Into the Crystal Ball

clemson-1Is it Christmas morning? Nope, there’s still twelve weeks to go but it just feels like Christmas with the incredible slate of college football games we have today. In case you missed it last night Washington destroyed Stanford giving the Cardinal their first loss of the season and perhaps giving us all a reason to start taking Washington seriously. Tonight number 1 ranked Alabama takes on the Wildcats of Kentucky and I’m not even going to pretend to consider the possibility that Bama loses today. Not to jinx my team but I’m picking the Tide to get a fairy easy win tonight and while it won’t be much of a game I’ll really enjoy watching it. Florida gets the conference win over Vandy and Arkansas bounces back after their tough loss to A&M last week and gets the win against mighty Alcorn State. I’m not ready to give up on the Hogs yet but their win today will do nothing to convince me of their potential greatness and I’ll have to wait until they play a school that I can locate on a map before we can see if their head’s still in it this year. 14th ranked Miami plays at Georgia Tech today and although the Canes come away with the win I think it’s going to be a decent game to watch. Speaking of decent games to watch, Ohio State against Rutgers is going to be a horrible blow out that you shouldn’t be wasting your time on this morning.

At eleven this morning on ABC I’m picking Oklahoma State to beat number 22 Texas at home. Baylor beats unranked Iowa State pretty easily and Nebraska does the same thing at home against Illinois. The second most entertaining game of the day is going to be Wisconsin taking on Michigan at the Big House at 2:30 on ABC. It’s going to be a tight game but I think the Wolverines ultimately take care of business. I was wrong on Wisconsin a couple of times already this year so while I’m not picking them I certainly won’t be surprised if they upset another top Ten team today. There’s a good possibility that I’m going to come away looking like an idiot but it’s happened before and I’m ok. That being said, I’m picking unranked North Carolina to go into Tallahassee and beat number 12 Florida State at home. It’s not that I think the Seminoles are a terrible team but I think North Carolina is better than they’re given credit for and I just have a feeling about this game today.

Another upset I’m picking today is 25th ranked Georgia at home over Tennessee. Sure the Vols are 4-0 and they had a big win over Florida last week but I just don’t think they are as good as their ranking and will struggle and lose today against a decent Georgia team. Texas A&M who had an impressive second half against Arkansas last week will handle South Carolina easily today and San Diego State will do the same against South Alabama. I think Oklahoma has the potential to beat TCU and this is going to be another of the great games the football gods have chosen to give us today but I’ll pick TCU at home to pull off the close win. I would like to pick Cal to get the upset over Utah but they have just been too inconsistent for me to give them a generous upset prediction so I’ll take the Utes in what might be a close game depending on which Cal team shows up today. It is no secret that I love Memphis and I would love to give them an upset over Ole Miss tonight, especially coming off last week’s win over Bowling Green where they put up 77 points but as I look into my crystal ball I don’t see the Tigers getting the huge upset tonight. Ole Miss wins at home and I’m not one bit happy about it.

The best game of the day is number 3 Louisville at 5th ranked Clemson at seven tonight on ABC. As I’m looking at all the games today the three games with the most entertainment potential are all on ABC starting at eleven so if you are the kind of person who loses your remote in the couch cushions on a Saturday of football binge watching and are too lazy to get up to change the channel just do yourself a favor and start with ABC. My gut is telling me to go with Louisville while my head is telling me Clemson wins this one. I really do have a tough life. I’ll pick Clemson to win at home in what is going to be the best game of the day. Now that we’ve had some fun let’s end the day on a couple of boring games. Michigan State will beat Indiana and Boise State comes together at home to beat Utah State. I’m feeling pretty good about all my picks today but as you know what I feel means absolutely nothing. All that matters is who wins and what I get right, so come back tomorrow as I either smugly talk about my great day of fortune telling or allow you to bask in my misery as I talk about what a worthless person I am who has no business predicting outcomes of college football games. Today is an incredible lineup of games so don’t waste your life doing meaningless things with the family but rather sit in front of your television for twelve hours straight doing what is really important.


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