Becoming George Constanza:Week 4 NFL Picks


Do you remember that episode of Seinfeld where George started behaving the opposite of how he normally behaved and things started going extraordinarily well for him? That is the approach I’m taking to my football picks today because it’s no secret how terrible I’ve been over the past few weeks so maybe the George Constanza method will give me some guidance today as I pick all of the opposite teams that I don’t think will win. I feel like I’m already at rock bottom with NFL picks so the only place to go from here is up right? I guess we’ll find out. First off my Cowboys are going to San Francisco to take on a 49ers team who’s only win came against a terrible Week 1 Rams team so I’m going to have to pick San Francisco. The Colts and Jaguars are playing in London this morning at 8:30 and I’m going to take the 0-3 Jaguars over a struggling Indianapolis team. The Browns and Redskins is actually a pretty easy game to predict because Washington hasn’t looked terrible and it would clearly make sense to pick them over an awful Cleveland team who is without a doubt the worst team in the league but since my gut is telling me Washington I’m picking the Browns to get the road win. Carolina is off to a rocky start but I still like them to win their division so I’m going to pick them to lose today on the road to Atlanta.

I’m taking the Titans on the road to beat Houston and the Patriots are going to get their first loss of the season at home to the pretty terrible team from Buffalo. Today the 0-3 Bears are finally going to get a win when the Detroit Lions come to town and the Raiders will get the road win against Baltimore. I’m taking the Jets at home against the Seahawks and the Bucs at home over the undefeated defending Super Bowl Champion Broncos. The 0-3 Saints are playing the 1-2 Chargers today and what an exciting match up that should be. I think Drew Brees and New Orleans are due a win so I’m going to pick Phillip Rivers and the chargers at home to get the victory in that game. Somehow a team that looked like the worst team I’d ever seen in the NFL has a winning record right now and today they play the team I picked to win the Super Bowl this year, the Arizona Cardinals. All logic is telling me to pick Arizona at home so I’m going to Constanza the situation and pick the Rams to win that game.

Tonight on Sunday Night Football the Chiefs travel to Pittsburgh to play the Steelers and I’m picking Kansas City in that one. And finally, the Giants are playing the Vikings on Monday Night Football tomorrow. I’m still not completely sold on Minnesota so I’ll pick them tomorrow night. This week I’m channeling one of the most iconic television characters in History to give me some guidance with my NFL picks in hopes that I can get things under control before they completely get out of hand. Now that my picks are settled let’s take a moment to reflect on my college football predictions yesterday. I got 15 games right yesterday including unranked North Carolina over 12th ranked Florida State at home, unranked Oklahoma over TCU, and unranked Oklahoma State over Texas, and one of the toughest games to pick with Clemson over Louisville. I should have gotten the upset with Georgia beating Tennessee but the idiotic Georgia team made two huge errors in the last couple minutes of the game that lost it for them. The other misses I had were Michigan State, San Diego State, and Utah. My overall win percentage yesterday was 78.9 which isn’t as good as I’d like, obviously but it’s not terrible. Hopefully today my NFL picks will get back on track with the opposite and I can have an all around winning weekend. Come back tomorrow to find out how right or more likely how wrong I was.


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