Defending my Life Long Fandom of the Dallas Cowboys

Wild Card Playoffs - Detroit Lions v Dallas Cowboys

Yesterday the Cowboys won their third straight game of the season, beating the San Francisco 49ers on the road and I was ecstatic. I didn’t think anything could take away the joy I felt that Dallas might actually have a good football team this season, and then on the way home my wife and I stopped at Pizza Hut to pick up dinner and a worker said something to me that was incredibly offensive. Upon seeing that I was wearing a Cowboys t-shirt and hat he remarked to me that I was a bandwagon fan latching myself onto a team that was hot right now. This guy didn’t know anything about me but decided to make an assumption and a very stupid comment. I didn’t say anything to him and certainly didn’t leave him a tip but I just turned and left the establishment without saying anything. For the record I’m not a bandwagon fan by any means and that extends beyond the Cowboys to all of the teams I support. I’ve been a Grizzlies fan since the team moved to Memphis and didn’t win a playoff game for ten years. I supported Alabama when they weren’t bowl eligible for years because of all their NCAA infractions. I have been a fan of the St. Louis Cardinals for as long as I can remember and my favorite team in sports the Dallas Cowboys have been supported by me throughout the entirety of my life.

The last time the Cowboys won a Super Bowl I was five years old and don’t remember anything about it. I had a VHS tape chronicling that season that I watched probably hundreds of times and re-enacted with my friends and brothers as often as they would indulge me. I remember the time Emmitt Smith set the record for most rushing yards and immediately following the game heading out to the front yard and replaying it with my neighbors each taking turns playing the hero. I remember loving the Cowboys and being heartbroken for years after Aikman’s retirement and our long string of bad quarterbacks. The game that Tony Romo finally played in and showed that he was a great quarterback by getting a comeback win was one of the greatest memories I have as a fan of the team. I stayed home sick from school the following day and watched sports center on repeat reveling in the new hope that the young quarterback brought to me, a lifelong Cowboys fan.

I have been an avid supporter of Tony Romo for years and have defended him on social media, friends, and family who ignorantly think he hurts the team more than he helps. People think he’s a bust and terrible under pressure but to me he is by far the best quarterback we’ve had since Troy Aikman and has given us the only playoff wins since number 8’s retirement. I remember the heartbreaking end to the Seattle game when Tony fumbled the field goal snap and scrambled for then end zone before being tackled at the one yard line to end the game. The point in all of this is that I love the Dallas Cowboys and always have. I don’t foresee ever liking a team more than them and am certainly not a bandwagon fan. Before making assumptions about someone’s support of a team that is currently winning you need to get your facts straight because if you don’t you are more ignorant than all of the Tony Romo haters and only come across as completely foolish. I hope they continue to win and miraculously win the Super Bowl but in all likelihood that won’t be the case this year and I guarantee you that no matter what happens I will continue to support the Dallas Cowboys, the team that I love.


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