Ave Maria’s: Best Breakfast So Far

mariasMy name’s Kendall and I’m a morning person. I absolutely love everything about the morning; the natural light coming through the windows eliminating the need to turn on lights of your own, the whole fresh start aspect of a new day,all the free time that lies ahead waiting to be filled with whatever it is I choose to do, and last but certainly not least is my favorite meal of the day, breakfast. It is my goal (I realize I don’t have the highest ambitions) is to visit as many breakfast places in Memphis that I can so I can find the best breakfast in the city. This morning after spending some time walking in the park I decided it was a perfect day to continue my search so I put my trust in Siri and asked her to take me to breakfast. She isn’t the most intelligent of artificial people but today she really came through for me by leading me to Maria’s, a place I’d passed by many times before but never noticed. The atmosphere was that of a diner which is usually more of a good sign than bad when it comes to having a great breakfast and Maria’s was no exception. I made my way across the linoleum floor and sat at a small table with a checkered table cloth and only had to wait a few moments for the waitress to come over with a menu and take my drink order.

A menu wasn’t really necessary because my go to breakfast here in the south and what I like to judge a restaurant on is their biscuits and gravy. I gave her my order and asked for a coffee as well. She returned quickly with the coffee and before I had taken a sip of the delicious black liquid she returned with my food. It was a large helping of two biscuits sliced and covered with gravy and all I had to do was put some black pepper on top before I could dig in. The biscuits were nice and buttery but not overly so and the gravy was very thick and hearty with small chunks of sausage mixed throughout. It was absolutely the best biscuits and gravy I’ve found so far since moving here and was the most filling. Maria’s didn’t skimp on the gravy and I had quite a bit left over once the biscuits were gone. It was so delicious that I had to resist the urge to take my spoon and shovel the remaining gravy into my mouth on it’s own.

The breakfast was very reasonably priced which is a huge plus for me because it’s not the greatest feeling when you spend a ton of money on the first meal of the day knowing there are two more on the way. The lone waitress at the restaurant was very attentive and didn’t keep me waiting for anything. Overall there was no cons at all about my meal and so for the first time I’m happy to give a ten out of ten rating to a restaurant. I highly recommend Maria’s and if you don’t want breakfast, although I couldn’t possibly understand why, they have lots of other options on the menu as well. I can say with absolute certainty that I will be back, hopefully in the near future to start my day in the same incredible way that I did this morning. For now Maria’s sits atop of my list as the best breakfast in Memphis and although I’ve got a long way to go in my search they are going to be tough to beat. Well done Maria’s. Keep up the great work.


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