Week 6 College Football Picks

college-football-logosWith week 6 of the college football season upon us it’s time for my favorite post of the week where I predict with all my wisdom and powers channeled to me through a crystal ball the winners and losers in college football. The game I’m most looking forward to both as an Alabama fan and college football fanatic is the ESPN night game tomorrow where the Razorbacks play host to the top ranked Crimson Tide. You can accuse me of being biased and I do think it will be a very close game but I do believe deep down that Alabama will come away with the win. Arkansas is a very good team and while I don’t love admitting that, it’s the truth. It should be a very good match up for all four quarters but ultimately the Hogs will fall short. Clemson plays at Boston College tonight and should have no problem beating them. They just came off a big win against Louisville so I expect them to keep that momentum at least through this week and win the game pretty easily. The other top 25 game tonight is Boise State at New Mexico and while I don’t claim to have a wealth of knowledge about either team I’m going to give the win to 19th ranked Boise.

Tomorrow morning Oklahoma faces Texas in the Red River Rivalry and although the Longhorns have underperformed thus far I’m expecting it be a really good game with Oklahoma taking the victory from the home team. 6th ranked Houston plays at Navy tomorrow and it will be a very fun and exciting game for Houston fans and nobody else in the college football world. If you are stuck watching that game at 2 then you should probably re-evaluate your life and try to make better decisions in the future. Unfortunately due to the recent hurricane we won’t get to see LSU play at Florida tomorrow and it’s uncertain whether or not the game will be made up. This is a pretty big game and I would’ve picked LSU to get the upset on the road. I’m so excited that the Tennessee/Texas A&M game is happening at 2:30 and shouldn’t interfere with my commitment to watching the Bama game. I predicted Tennessee to lose last week and they nearly did but the football gods were not looking down on me with favor, but I suspect this week will be different. The Vols have lucked their way to a 5-0 start and a top ten ranking but they will be severely exposed tomorrow on the road at College Station. The Aggies will get the win and we can finally get Tennessee out of the playoff conversation.

I’m expecting North Carolina to win their game at home over Virginia Tech pretty easily although admittedly I haven’t seen much tape on VT this year. I think unranked Indiana playing at number 2 Ohio State will be a much better game than the numbers suggest. I’m not predicting a huge upset here but I do think the Hoosiers are going to make the Buckeyes earn the win. I’m taking what turned out to be a pretty overrated USC team to get the win at home tomorrow against Colorado but I don’t think it will be a pretty win. Mistakes will cost the Buffaloes the win in Southern Cal tomorrow at starting at 3. Michigan/Rutgers doesn’t need to be DVRed by anyone because the only people who should be watching such a lopsided game are the respective fans of each team. I have underestimated Washington all year now and while I don’t think they are going to end up in the playoff I do see them winning tomorrow at Oregon and maintaining their undefeated record. Florida State at 10th ranked Miami is a huge game which I hope to catch the end of after the Tide rolls over Arkansas because I think this game will come down to the end. I’m predicting a hard fought game from the Seminoles against an in-state rival in which they ultimately bounce back from last week’s last second loss to North Carolina and beat the Hurricanes. I’ve been fighting myself on whether or not to use this metaphor but ultimately the tacky part of my brain won out, so here it goes. Hurricane Matthew was built up to be a huge devastating storm, the worst in a decade to hit Florida, but as it approached the sunshine state it weakened and didn’t do as much damage as many people thought it would. In the same way, the Hurricanes of Miami have been built up to be this unstoppable force, blowing through everyone in their path, but as game time approaches and we see what their really made of it will be evident that their not as strong as many people believed them to be. Florida State gets the upset and it wasn’t a tough decision for me to make at all.

For the final two games that are on so late and are so lame that I definitely won’t be watching we have Arizona at 24th ranked Utah and Washington State at 15th ranked Stanford. Utah gets the win I guess but it really doesn’t matter either way. Stanford should beat Washington State easily but again it doesn’t matter. Don’t waste your time on these two games. Do your mind and your body a favor and go to bed. Get some sleep and rest up for the great slate of NFL games coming your way on Sunday. I’m yet to get 100 percent of my Saturday college picks right but I have a feeling that I’m getting it this week, so before you flip on the red zone channel, stop back by here first thing Sunday morning and read about what a genius I am.


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