I’m a Genius:Week 5 NFL Picks


It is a beautiful Sunday morning and we have some good NFL games to look forward to today, but before I expertly tell you who I think will win today I would like to take a few moments to reflect on the picks I made yesterday. I wasn’t perfect in my college picks and I’ll start by telling you what I got wrong. If there was a sure game yesterday that I had no inkling that I could be wrong about it was the Houston/Navy game. Houston ranked 6th in the country who looked incredible was playing a Navy, a team that doesn’t seem to ever beat big time programs but they did yesterday, putting up 46 points at home to get the win. 25th ranked Virginia Tech absolutely destroyed 17 North Carolina 34-3 and I did not see that coming at all. I don’t know what has happened to Stanford the last two weeks and while I haven’t been sold on them as a top team I cannot believe that they lost yesterday to Washington State in such an embarrassing fashion. So out of the 15 games I picked I got 3 wrong. It’s not perfect but it means I got 80 percent right and I’ll take it.

Now for the fun part of talking about how great and wise I am based on who I think will win football games. The Alabama/Arkansas game was the one I was most looking forward to yesterday and it gave me all the joy I could’ve hoped for as an Alabama fan who grew up in Arkansas. There were too many turnovers all around but the Crimson Tide ultimately got the win 49-30. The Red River Rivalry between Oklahoma and Texas was a pretty close, high scoring game, but the Sooners ultimately got the win. Another point for me. The Tennessee game at Texas A&M was a game I was really excited to see yesterday and it did not disappoint. I keep thinking Tennessee is overrated and it will be exposed every week but they find a way to keep themselves in a position to make a comeback and try to win the game. At some point I think we need to realize that maybe it’s not luck that is helping the Vols but rather they are a good football team. Ultimately none of that mattered yesterday because as I predicted they lost to the Aggies on the road.

I picked a bad USC team to beat 21 ranked Colorado and guess what, I was right on that one too. I really should be given a medal or something. Well it looks like I picked some pretty good games yesterday but wait, there’s more. I said that the fear of the Miami Hurricanes was overblown and they would weaken yesterday like Hurricane Matthew and get beat by Florida State. What an outlandish thing to say right? Wrong (Say in Donald Trump debate voice). I picked that one right too. I could go through each and every other game yesterday and tell you about how I was right but those for the most part had obvious winners and losers, games that any body could have guessed right so I won’t waste your time this morning talking about those. Now let’s get to the real meat of the football weekend and pick some NFL games.

My beloved Cowboys are playing the Cincinnati Bengals at home today and I would love to be a biased homer and tell everyone who will listen that Dallas is going to win today, however I have at least some integrity which is evident in my first NFL pick of the day. As much as it hurts I’m picking the Bengals to get the win, but hopefully it will be a good learning experience that will propel us onward toward the Super Bowl. I’m taking the Steelers at home over the Jets and the 1-3 Colts over the 1-3 Bears which should without a doubt be a terrible game to watch. It’s Tom Brady’s first game back so he’s probably going to be a little rusty. Right. He’s going to play today with a vengeance and destroy the terrible Browns on the road. I think the Ravens will win at home over the Redskins but I don’t think it will be an easy game. I keep waiting for the Vikings to be exposed as not a great team and so far they have proven me and a lot of others very wrong by going 4-0 to start the year but I think they will get the loss at home today against the Texans. I don’t think that necessarily means they aren’t a good team anymore but it will be interesting to see how they handle their first loss.

Set your DVR’s for the noon game between the mighty battle of the 1-3 Titans and the 1-3 Dolphins. I expect it to be a terrible game but Ryan Tannehill somehow manages to be less terrible and gets Miami the win today. The 3-0 Eagles at the Lions should be a pretty good game and one I will be keeping an eye on as Philadelphia is in the NFC East. Detroit has just been so inconsistent this year that I don’t think there’s any way they’ll beat Philly today. At 3:05 we have the Falcons at Broncos, a game that I believe Atlanta will win, giving Denver their first loss. It will be Paxton Lynch’s first NFL start and while I hope he does really well as a former Memphis player, I just don’t expect him to make the big plays he’ll need to make to get the win today.

The Chargers are going to Oakland where they will lose to the Raiders and the Rams will get the loss at home against the Bills today. If Los Angeles beats Buffalo today I might finally believe that they are a decent football team but as of right now I’m still not buying it. Tonight’s game should be a fun one between the Giants and Packers at Lambeau. I think Green Bay will beat the Giants pretty easily but perhaps that’s my dislike for New York speaking through me. And finally, tomorrow night on Monday Night Football, Tampa Bay plays at Cam Newton-less Carolina. They are both 1-3 teams but I think the better team right now is clearly the Buccaneers and they will show that tomorrow night.


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