My Cynical Take on the Team I Love

New York Giants v Dallas Cowboys

Being a life long fan of the Dallas Cowboys has turned me cynical. I’m like the person who’s had their heart broken too many times so when a new relationship comes along I don’t completely commit to it because I’m afraid that it will once again end in heart break. That’s how I’m feeling right now as the Cowboys are 4-1 and sitting atop the NFC East. I want so bad to believe that they are going to keep it up and get to the playoffs and have a real shot at the Super Bowl but I’m afraid that once I truly start to believe that this is real, the rug will be pulled out from beneath me sending all of my aspirations for the Cowboys crashing to the ground around me. It is not surprising to me that Ezekiel Elliot is having an incredible rookie year. Dallas has the best offensive line in football and Zeke is really athletic so I kind of expected this from him going in, however our other rookie star, Dak Prescott has far and away exceeded my expectations.

Here’s Dak, a rookie quarterback who got passed over multiple times in the draft by every team starting for one of the most talked about franchises in sports and he’s handled it almost perfectly so far. Through five weeks this rookie quarterback hasn’t thrown an interception and it’s not like he’s shying away from the pass either. I watched him in the preseason and I was impressed. I wasn’t super excited like much of the rest of our fan base and ready to anoint him the quarterback of the future but I was impressed. I listen to a lot of sports radio and one person who I generally tend to agree with, Colin Cowherd, said Cowboys fans were over-reacting and it was only preseason defenses he was facing. Then the regular season started and he had a pretty good first game but the big knock against him was that he didn’t throw the ball down field. While he seems most comfortable throwing underneath he has shown the ability to get the ball down field accurately over the past few weeks.

Since before the start of the season certain members of the media have been poking the bear, discussing the issue of who would play when Tony Romo got healthy if Dak had been playing well. Over the course of the season as Prescott has shown the fans and the world what he’s made of more and more people have said that Tony will not start for Dallas after his injury heals and I’m sure it will be a huge topic of conversation today once again following a big win by the Cowboys but one man hasn’t budged on who will be the starter once Romo is healthy. One man who has often been criticized for his decisions and management style is adamant that Tony Romo is the quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys and will take back his starting job when he is healthy. Jerry Jones may be wrong about a lot of things but he is absolutely right on this issue. The goal of every season is to win a Super Bowl and no matter how good a quarterback has looked you have to go with the player who will give you the best chance to win a Super Bowl and when he’s healthy there is no question that Tony Romo is the guy.

Look at me talking about winning Super Bowls. Is it possible that my cynicism has evaporated over the course of a blog post? Unfortunately it’s still there along with the sinking feeling in my stomach that something is going to go wrong as it always does. The Cowboys haven’t one a Super Bowl since I was five, twenty-one years ago so why should I believe that this year will be different? I truly hope that I’m wrong and everything goes perfectly for Dallas throughout the remainder of the year but I’m just not going to allow myself to be swept up in the excitement and hope that comes with a winning season. Not yet anyway.


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