NFL Week 6:Where I was Right and Wrong


I did yesterday what I do each Sunday and pick who I believe will win the NFL games that day in an effort to prove to myself as well as those who read this blog that I’m smarter than I actually am. I got 63 percent of those picks right yesterday. 63 percent is terrible, trust me I know from all my years of underperforming at school. My mom was never happy when I brought home a 63 on a test and I am not happy in that percentage yesterday. I will say though that although I’m glad I was wrong in picking my Cowboys to lose yesterday they did cost me a letter grade. I am still in shock at how well they handled a team like the Bengals who over the past few years have been a staple in the playoffs. I am also surprised that the Titans beat Miami on the road and it was a good win for them however I need to see more consistency from them before I believe in them as a good team. I thought the Vikings would lose at home to the Texans yesterday but once again I was wrong. I keep picking against Minnesota and they keep winning so perhaps it’s time for me to give them some credit. They are the only team that remains unbeaten in the NFL and they have done so without their star quarterback and MVP running back. I don’t think anyone expected this from the Vikings but they seem to be a real threat and a good football team.

I thought the Redskins would lose on the road at Baltimore and while that pick probably contained bias as I vehemently dislike Washington they proved me wrong by beating an inconsistent Ravens team. It’s probably a good thing sports gambling is illegal here in Tennessee because I might have put some money on the Eagles to beat an up and down Detroit team. I thought this game was a lock, a sure win for Philadelphia but the Lions found a way to win it albeit by one point. Now that we have that unpleasantness out of the way we can move on to what I was right about yesterday. After the first week of the season I thought that the Los Angeles Rams were the worst team in the league and although they have been winning since then I was never sold on them. I picked Buffalo to beat them yesterday knowing that if I was wrong I might have to readjust my opinion of the Rams but thankfully I was right. LA may not be the worst team in the NFL but I think their record is very misleading about how good they actually are. Pittsburgh beat the Jets in a game that possibly nobody expected New York to win and Tom Brady’s return to the Patriots saw him getting an easy win over terrible Cleveland. Well done Kendall, you were right again.

The Colts beat a pretty bad Bears team at home and while I have been wrong in picking Indy in most of their games this year I finally got one right. I think the Falcons are a legitimate team and they proved that yesterday by going on the road to Denver and handing the undefeated Broncos their first loss of the year. Oakland was another easy pick for me yesterday over a Chargers team that I don’t think I’ve picked to win a single game thus far and fortunately that worked out pretty well for me yesterday. While I didn’t watch the Sunday night game because I was too busy watching the presidential debate and praying for the future of our country I was right in that game too where I picked the Packers to beat the Giants, an NFC East rival of the Cowboys. I think the big take away from yesterday is that while I’d like to think I have some sort of football insight I don’t get as many picks right as I should. I’ll continue to make predictions because it’s something I enjoy doing and I hope you continue to read them but I wouldn’t recommend using my knowledge to put any substantial money on the games.


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