Huey’s: Trying the Best Burger in Memphis


Every year the Memphis Commercial Appeal publishes a magazine called “Memphis Most,” a publication that names the best _________ voted on by readers and published as a guide with one winner in each category and two honorable mentions. I’m sure it’s completely shocking to you but the section I was most interested in was Food and what fellow Memphians voted to be the best in each category. It may take a while but over the course of the year I want to eat at and review the winner in each category and decide if I agree with the voters and eventually choose the best meal out of everything and name it the “Most of the Most.” Friday night my wife and I went began our journey and went to try what was voted the best burger in Memphis, Huey’s.

We’d been to Huey’s before but that was before I realized the need to review every monotonous detail of the meal objectively on this blog and share it with you. We walked in and the atmosphere of the place is always the same, warm, cozy, and casual. There are TV’s hung all throughout the restaurants showing various sporting events and you seat yourself rather than waiting for a hostess. We walked right in and set down which was pretty impressive I thought for dinner at a popular restaurant on Friday night. As an appetizer we ordered the spinach and artichoke dip, not my idea by the way, but it somehow seems to be the appetizer we order most places if it’s on the menu. That being said I feel that I have a wealth of knowledge on spinach and artichoke dip from my countless meals at varying restaurants that allows me compare and contrast the pros and cons of the dish. Huey’s spinach dip was not all that impressive. I would have preferred the artichoke hearts to have been cut into smaller pieces because if your chip was unfortunate enough to hit one it became the titanic when it hit the ice berg, meaning it broke apart and sank to the bottom. The taste wasn’t all that great in the dip either and I can honestly say that I’ve had a lot better from a lot of different places.

The waiter was really personable and attentive and was very quick on everything, including refills which I value almost as highly as the meal itself. For our entrees we had to get burgers since that was the category it won so I got the Bluff City Burger and my wife got the West Coast Burger, both of us ordering something named after the places we were born. The Bluff City Burger was a normal chargrilled patty topped with crispy onion strings, bacon, cheddar cheese, barbecue sauce, and pickles and sat on a buttery toasted kaiser roll. My wife’s burger was also chargrilled and was topped with avocado and monterrey jack cheese on a wheat bun. We both got a side of fries, which had to be ordered as a side since nothing came with the burgers and although I knew this was standard fare at Huey’s it’s always a little disappointing and annoying to have to spend a few extra dollars each to get something that other restaurants include in the meal. I don’t know why I ordered the fries. I do this every time and I always regret it because I know going in that I passionately dislike the thick cut steak fries that are under seasoned but I as an American feel the need to have a side with my burger so I order the fries anyway, telling myself that maybe this time will be different. It never is and once again I wound up leaving most of the fries uneaten on my plate. My wife however ordered her fries extra crispy, something she normally does when ordering french fries but something the restaurants fail to deliver on. Huey’s actually cooked hers a little longer and she was very pleased so I’ll give them credit for doing that.

The Bluff City Burger was absolutely delicious and something I wished I’d gotten before Friday night because I was truly missing out. The bacon was perfectly crisp and the onion straws were absolutely delicious, something I would’ve eaten by themselves. The pickles provided a nice crunch at the bottom of the burger and the smoked cheddar and barbecue sauce worked wonders with the natural flavors of the burger to deliver a magnificent tasting entree. It was incredibly messy but it had a lot of ingredients so I’m not knocking it for that. My wife’s burger on the other hand was overcooked denying her some of the natural juiciness of the beef which probably contributed to her opinion that overall the burger tasted bland despite the fact that it had avocado and cheese on it. The biggest negative for her however was not the taste of the burger but rather the often the easily looked over aspect of the bun. The wheat bun must have been old because according to my wife it had a stale taste and was actually kind of hard and dry, not really the first thing you’d want to bite into when eating a burger.

My wife is giving the meal a rating of 6 out of 10 with the positives for her being the spinach dip and the fries which she loved enjoyed so much that she constantly talked about it throughout the meal, and the negatives being the taste of the burger and the fact that it was served on an old, stale bun. I too am going to give Huey’s a 6 out of 10 for reasons that are quite the opposite of my wife. I thought the spinach and artichoke dip was absolutely nothing special at all and was in fact not prepared in a diner friendly way with the very large artichoke hearts. While she loved the fries I would say that they are my least favorite out of anywhere I can think of at the moment and I should really learn from my lesson and quit ordering them. I also dislike the fact that you have to pay extra to get a side of fries that is given to you for free at every other restaurant. On the positive side the burger is truly one of the best I’ve had and the service was really good. I love the atmosphere of Huey’s and the price wasn’t bad for what we got. If you’re looking for a good burger in the Memphis area, you’ll find your fix at any of Huey’s multiple locations, but if you have high hopes outside of the burgers in my experience you might be better served dining elsewhere. Does Huey’s have the best burger in Memphis? Readers at the Commercial Appeal think so but I’ve got a lot of searching and a lot of eating ahead of me before I can give you the answer to that. Stay hungry my friends.


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  1. Hi Kendall,
    Thanks for coming to see us, and thanks for the review on your experience. We take all feedback seriously and use it to continually improve. We’d like to chat with you further about your experience, so we can get a bit more information from you. Can you please email Ashley Griffin at


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