Making Myself Sick

If there was one word used to describe me “responsible” would probably not even be close to the top of the list. That was evident las night as I did something very irresponsible and because of my own actions caused myself to wake up sick and miserable this morning. Last night I went over to my dad’s house and enjoyed some great chili dogs while watching Monday Night Football and that part of my night was excellent but then my decision making took a bad turn as I headed back home around 10:30. I stepped outside into a cool and pleasant fall evening and Memphis and couldn’t resist the urge to drive with my windows down for the entirety of the twenty minute car ride. It was nice driving through the mostly empty streets with the radio turned up loud and the cold air blowing in my face, taking me back to a simpler time when I was younger. It felt good living in and enjoying the simple joys of the moment provided to me by mother nature and the car radio but I wasn’t thinking of the consequences.

This morning I woke up unable to breathe through my nose because of the cold I had given myself through poor decision making. It was my fault for choosing temporary happiness over the well being and effectiveness of my nasal cavity. There are much bigger and higher mistakes that people have made throughout the course of history but those aren’t affecting me this morning as I can’t stop sneezing and have already blown through half a box of kleenex tissues. After having lived in Florida for the past four years I was so excited and ready to get some cool fall weather that I literally threw caution to the wind and tried to embrace the low sixties temperature of the Memphis night and I’m paying dearly for that today. It is a mistake that I must learn from or otherwise be doomed to many morning’s like this one in the future. If I continue my erratic and irresponsible habits of driving with my windows down in the cold then the consequences could be much worse.

I have to make a change now or it could wind up killing me one day. It’s no secret that older people are more sensitive to the cold and get pneumonia much more often than someone at the ripe age of twenty-six and if that winds up happening to me I could die from it. I guess I’m lucky that I’m learning this lesson now with a little cold and have the ability to make the changes necessary before it is too late. I think this was a mistake that everyone can learn from and I hope you take my misfortune to heart and adjust your behaviors accordingly as I am going to do mine. If it’s cold outside keep the windows rolled up and don’t risk the possibility of dying at the hand of mother nature. I see signs on the road all the time urging people to “Drive Responsibly” and now I think it’s time I take that to heart.


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