Week 7 College Football Picks

Week 7 of the college football season is upon us and for those of you planning on getting your football fix tonight by attending a high-school game I have good news for you. A top 10 college football is playing tonight and although it shouldn’t be much of a game at least you can enjoy it from the comfort of your warm home. At six tonight 7th ranked Louisville takes on the unranked Blue Devils of Duke and I don’t expect the game will be close, but it will give us a chance to see Louisville’s high powered offense have some fun. Tomorrow in what should be the best game of the week between top ranked Alabama and 9th ranked Tennessee will be on at 2:30. Unfortunately, I’ll be at work and will miss the game but I have confidence that my Crimson Tide will take care of business on the road and get the win but I think it will be a close game, what we’ve come to expect in Tennessee games this year. Tomorrow morning at 11 we have West Virginia who’s now in the top 25 playing Texas Tech and while I’m not completely sold on WVU yet I will give them the win tomorrow.

19th ranked Oklahoma is at home against Kansas State and I’m taking the Sooners to win that one coming off their big win against Texas last week. NC State will struggle to stay in the game at 3rd ranked Clemson tomorrow in what should be an easy win for the Tigers. At 2:30 if for some reason you aren’t watch the Tennessee/Bama game you can see 10th ranked Nebraska at Indiana and while I think the Cornhuskers are overrated they should win in a close game tomorrow. Baylor will win easily at home against Kansas and FSU will get the W on Wake Forest keeping the momentum from their big upset at Miami last weekend. 24th ranked Western Michigan will beat Akron tomorrow and it saddens me deeply that this was not a typo and Western Michigan is actually ranked in the Top 25 but we can all take comfort in knowing that eventually they will lose their spot throughout the remainder of the season. North Carolina is at a 16th ranked Miami team that I think is overrated. I think it will be pretty boring low scoring game but I’ll take the Tar Heels to get the upset.

I’m picking Virginia Tech to get the win over Syracuse and one loss Utah to beat Oregon State without much resistance. Florida will get the easy win at home over Missouri and although Houston got shown up last week against Navy I’m picking them to bounce back and put up big numbers at home against Tulsa. Although my bias might play a part in picking the Alabama game to be the best of the weekend I think a close second is 2nd ranked Ohio State on the road at number 8 Wisconsin. This is the game that is giving me the most grief in terms of who to pick but I ultimately made my decision in favor of the team who has put up tons of points against all of their opponents this season. I’m taking the Buckeyes on the road to beat the Badgers but I don’t feel super confident about it. If you want to see a hard fought SEC matchup tomorrow night then you are in luck as Arkansas plays host to the Ole Miss Rebels, a team they beat last year and is out looking for vengeance. Ole Miss is ranked ten spots ahead of the Razorbacks at number 12 but I’m picking the Hogs at home to get the win in what should be a really close and exciting match up. And finally, rounding up the day we have Colorado State on the road at 15th ranked Boise State. I’m taking Boise but I guarantee you that won’t be a game that I watch. I’ve gotten progressively more accurate with my picks as the college season has rolled along but I still haven’t got 100 percent right in a week, but this could be the it. Come back Sunday morning to see if I’m finally as smart as I like to believe I am.


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