The Haunting in Apartment 44

ghostScratch, scratch, scratch. I hear the clawing as I lie in bed last night. It’s picking up speed, scratching faster and any day now it will have scratched through the wall entirely and whatever is making that noise will come tumbling into my bedroom. That is what I thought for the majority of the three months that I’ve been living here, that a squirrel or raccoon was viciously clawing at the all trying to get inside but now I have another theory. I think maybe my apartment is haunted and I know that seems absolutely ridiculous but I can think of no other explanation. There are no trees around with branches that could be scraping against the outer walls causing the noise and I don’t believe the scratching is coming from an animal anymore. I probably should have realized this months ago but the outside of our apartment walls is made of brick and we live on the second floor so if there was an animal then it would have to be living inside the walls about fifteen to twenty feet off the ground and I just don’t think that’s possible. I don’t know if I thought of it now because Halloween is coming up and spooky things surround me everywhere I turn but I should’ve come to this conclusion a lot sooner.

A couple of months ago my brothers came up from Arkansas to hang out and spend the night. They were sitting in the living room with the lights turned out watching TV before going to sleep when I walked into the kitchen to get a drink. They asked if I had come in and turned the light on a few minutes ago, thinking I might have found it funny to flip on a light switch and disappear in an attempt to freak them out or something, but I had been in my bedroom when it happened. Something had caused the light in the living room to turn on and stay on, perhaps a ghost? I’m not a big believer in the supernatural or ghosts but I know from movies that once you deny the existence of ghosts, that’s when they get you. Ghosts feed of the disbelief and make you pay for denouncing their reality and I fear that is what’s happening to me at the moment.

Another weird thing happened about a month after we moved here. My wife and I came home a little after ten one night after having been out and I noticed something strange about the blinds in the living room. Some of the blinds were pushed down and dented as if someone had been looking out of our window. It wasn’t just the blinds on one window though but on several and we never touch the blinds on those three windows. I asked my wife if perhaps she’d been peering through the blinds at something happening outside but she said that no she hadn’t. I immediately grabbed the biggest kitchen knife we had and began throwing open closet doors and looking under furniture, searching for the culprit who must still be in the house but there was nobody to be found. I didn’t think about it at the time but that too falls perfectly in line with the theory that I’m living in a haunted apartment. Maybe somebody was badly injured here and they were left alone in the bedroom to die, then they crawled to the walls and started scratching at them trying to find a way to stand up. Then perhaps the victim made his/her way down the dark hallway where they flipped on the light switch to see before proceeding to the windows to peer through the blinds to see if help was on the way, but it wasn’t. They died here and now they will spend eternity haunting the unsuspecting residents in apartment forty-four. Looking on the bright side, the ghost hasn’t turned exhibited any violent behavior, at least not yet.


One thought on “The Haunting in Apartment 44

  1. So, you’ve reached step 3: the half-kidding “maybe those strange occurrences are a ghost!” Step 5 is when things get dangerous, so no need to panic just yet.

    Oh man, I just remembered that step 4 is someone referencing the Steps of Home Infestation with a Malevolent Spirit. Shoot.

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