Week 8 College Football Picks

NCAA Football: Texas A&M at Alabama

Last week I missed 1 pick in the Top 25, freaking Virginia Tech, so I am yet to have my perfect week that my heart so greatly desires, but I’m back again writing about college football so I haven’t given up yet. When it comes to college football I tend to have a gut feeling on upsets and that’s why generally I pick them right like Miami losing the last two weeks, but I unfortunately might miss one this week. I’m picking Alabama to get the win against number 6 Texas A&M but I’m slightly worried about it. The Aggies are hot right now and so is the Tide, but if I’m being honest I would probably pick A&M if they were playing anyone else than my favorite football team this week. The Crimson Tide gets the win possibly with the help of my cheering and all around aura of positivity that surrounds me. That game is at 2:30 on CBS and will be the best Top 25 matchup tomorrow so don’t be an idiot browsing through an antique shop after brunch, missing the best game of the weekend. Louisville and NC State is pretty interesting to me because North Carolina State is coming off a two week stretch where they beat Notre Dame and then barely lost to Clemson last week. I think they are a decent team but on the road at 7th ranked Louisville, I’m not giving them the win.

Iowa was a force to be reckoned with the first few weeks of the season but have struggled a little bit as of late and this week are at home against a really good Wisconsin Badgers team. Wisconsin almost beat Ohio State last week and probably should have and I think they will beat the Hawkeyes tomorrow without much trouble. North Carolina keeps bouncing their way in and out of the top 25 but I think they will stay on this side of the margin at least for another week as they win at Virginia. Nebraska gets the win at home over Purdue and the mighty power house that is Western Michigan will get the glorious victory at home against Eastern Michigan. What a thrilling game that should be. Michigan will get the win over Illinois and improve to 7-0 on the season. I would love to see Memphis get the win over Navy tomorrow but in an effort to be genuine and realistic I can’t pick the Tigers to win. I think it’s possible but Navy’s last game was a huge upset over Houston and I think they will still have that momentum going into their home game this week and I don’t expect them to lose.

I’m picking a couple of unranked teams to cause some big upsets this week and the first one is TCU over number 12 West Virginia. I think TCU is the better football team and it will show this week. My other big upset is 19th ranked Utah losing on the road to UCLA. Overall UCLA has underperformed and not lived up to their high expectations at the beginning of the season but I think they will rise up tomorrow and knock Utah out of the top 25 for the rest of the season. I’m taking Arkansas over Auburn tomorrow and I don’t think it will be a close game. I’m picking the Hogs to come out fast after their big win against Ole Miss last weekend and get an early lead that Auburn will never catch. I still don’t know if Washington is for real or not, mostly because their games are on too late but I’ll probably watch some of their game against Oregon State tomorrow to see them in action. I don’t think Oregon State is going to keep it close at all so I may still have doubts about Washington after they win big but at least I will have seen them play.

I’m taking Houston over SMU and I don’t think it will be close. Ohio State at Penn State could be a really good match up right? Wrong, the buckeyes are desperate to run up the score this week after their near loss last week. They will use this game to send a message to everyone in college football that they still deserve to be number two in the country. I’m picking Oklahoma on the road to beat Texas Tech and finally tomorrow night we have Ole Miss at LSU. I think Ole Miss is better than their record while I think LSU might be worse. I’m picking the Rebels to win what will probably be a tight game in Death Valley. Check back in Sunday morning to see how accurate I was this week and if I finally got 100 percent of my picks right and can quit my day job.


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