It’s not too late for a little redemption.

I can admit when I’m wrong, not because I enjoy it but over the course of the last couple months I have gotten a lot of practice at it. Just one week after my best record in picking college football games I plummeted this week and only 62 percent right, which means I was very wrong. Before I try to save the weekend and redeem myself with NFL picks, let’s take a look at just how bad I did yesterday. I laughed off the notion that Penn State could get the win over Ohio State. Wrong. I thought Ole Miss and Arkansas would both win in close games yesterday and Houston would win easily. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Neither of the HUGE upsets I predicted went the way I thought they would and the only good thing to come from yesterday was my favorite team, Alabama beat Texas A&M to remain undefeated and ranked number one in the country. Now that the confessional part of Sunday morning is complete let’s see what the NFL has in store for us today. Unfortunately Dallas doesn’t play today which is my least favorite week in the entire football season, but at least we went into the bye week with a huge win over Green Bay last weekend with our team giving us many reasons to be excited, something as a Cowboys fan doesn’t come around so often.

The Giants and Rams play in London this morning at 9:30 so if you time your wake up right you can literally watch football all day. We are six weeks into the season and I still haven’t bought into the Rams success and I think they will lose to the Giants today. The Colts at Titans is a bit perplexing to me because I tend to be wrong on both of these teams most weeks but I’ll pick the Colts to get their elusive third win on the road today. My brother is going to the Saints/Chiefs game today, a game that I think will be a really good match up in Kansas City. I was high on the Chiefs to start the season but by this point I’m realizing that they aren’t as good as they used to be. That being said, neither is New Orleans, obviously, but I think the Saints will win today. The Redskins looked terrible to start the season but have bounced back nicely and could be a real threat in the NFC East this year but I think the bi-polar Detroit Lions will show their good side today and get the win at home.

Buffalo is going to Miami to take on a Dolphins team that has continued to disappoint all season and I’m taking Buffalo to get the W. The 0-6 Browns are playing their in-state rival today at Cincinnati and while the Bengals aren’t as impressive as in years past they will win today not based on their own talent but because of the lack of talent or will to win Cleveland brings to the table. It seems that a lot of the teams I picked to make the playoffs at the beginning of the season have been terrible thus far and nobody has illustrated that point as well as the Jacksonville Jaguars. I thought this was their year, not to win the super bowl certainly, but to make the playoffs and show that they have the talent to be pretty good for at least the next few years. Today their record with have another loss added to it as they lose to a good Oakland Raiders team. I think I’ve picked against the Vikings every game and I’ve been wrong five times, but today I’m going to finally stop resisting and pick them to win on the road at Philadelphia. The Ravens go to New York today to take on the Jets and will come away with the win.

I’m glad to see Atlanta doing good this year and I think the Falcon train keeps rolling today with a win at home over the Chargers. The 49ers have one win this season, their opening game against a terrible Rams team in which the Niners quarterback probably ran for more yards than he threw. Things aren’t going to turn around any time soon for San Francisco and the Buccaneers will get the win on the road today. The Patriots at Steelers looks to be the best game of the day and fortunately for me I’ll be off work in time to see most of it. I think Tom Brady is still too hot to be touched right now and New England will win the close game. A year ago I would have been thrilled with the Sunday night match up between the Seahawks and Cardinals but today I’m not so much. I think Arizona will get the win today but as for my prediction that they will win the Super Bowl I would appreciate it if we could all just pretend that never happened. Tomorrow’s Monday night game features Brock Osweiler’s return to Denver. NOBODY CARES! The Bronco’s beat the Texans and if they haven’t already the Bronco’s fans let out a huge sigh of relief at not having kept Brock. In my opinion college games are easier to pick than the NFL but I have been wrong about so many things it wouldn’t surprise me if my perfect record came from predicting the NFL rather than college. If that does happen you can believe that I’ll be bragging on myself for 500 to 1,000 words the next day. Check back in the morning to see if my talent has finally caught up to my ego.


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