Why is Florida Crying? Because They Just Got Upset.


Happy Saturday everyone, and welcome to week nine of the college football season! Unfortunately my favorite team, Alabama isn’t playing today so there goes my easy win of the week, but regardless, here I am ready to make up for my lackluster performance last Saturday and prove to myself and the rest of you that I actually know what I’m talking about. This morning, Michigan plays in state rival Michigan State at eleven. I can’t believe how the Spartans have fallen off the map this season after two big wins to start the season. I think the game may be close but I don’t think Michigan State breaks their five game losing streak today against the second ranked team in the country. Wolverines get the road win. Penn State shocked the country by beating Ohio State last weekend, a game I specifically said was ridiculous to think they could win, but when the dust settled it was I who looked ridiculous. I won’t be underestimating the Nittany Lions this week and I’ll give them the win at Purdue. Louisville is at Virginia and while I’m not convinced the Cardinals are a playoff team, I think they’ll get the win today.

Last week I picked West Virginia to be upset by TCU and was very wrong, but my stubbornness and unwillingness to accept that WVU is a top ten team is still present and is why I’m picking them to get upset today by Oklahoma State. OK State has had a couple big wins this year and I think they’ll get the win at home today. I could not believe that the Buckeyes lost last week. I didn’t even watch the game because I was sure it would be a blowout by Ohio State. I think they bounce back this week and get the home win over Northwestern. Despite being ranked 14th in the country I’m still not convinced that Florida deserves to be there. The Gators haven’t beaten a good team this year and in fact their one loss was to a Tennessee team that got blown out by Alabama a couple of weeks ago. I’m taking Kirby Smart and the Georgia Bulldogs to get the upset. I keep picking Utah to lose and I keep getting that wrong, but true to form I’m picking against them again today. I may be the only idiot who isn’t completely sold on Washington but I do believe they get the road win today.

What is going on with Texas? Every week it seems the teams they lose to are getting worse and worse. Here’s a team that started off the season with a huge win against Notre Dame, but this isn’t that same team. Baylor gets the win and Texas might fire the coach after the embarrassment. Kansas plays at 16th ranked Oklahoma today, and if that were a basketball game it would be one that I’d love to see, but it’s not. Kansas is a sub-mediocre football team that doesn’t stand a chance against Oklahoma who will get the easy win at home. I feel like Nebraska snuck up on us. How in the world are they in the top ten? It doesn’t matter, but what does is that they should enjoy it while it lasts because after they lose to Wisconsin tonight they’ll be bumped out. Boise State gets the win at Wyoming and I’m taking Tennessee to get the win at South Carolina. Last weekend Auburn tore up Arkansas and today they will try to do the same to an Ole Miss who now has to fight the rest of the season to potentially make a bowl game. I would love to pick the Rebels but as much as it pains me as a Bama fan I have to take Auburn tonight.

New Mexico State and Texas A&M should be a pretty terrible game tonight, but the Aggies coming off their loss to Alabama last week should win this one pretty easily. Finally, the last top 25 game of the week features 3rd ranked Clemson at 12th ranked Florida State. Clemson is the real deal and the same can’t be said for FSU which is why I’m taking the Tigers to get the big win on the road. The day where I’m perfect and get all my picks right has eluded me thus far, but in the words of a gambling addict “maybe today is the day.”


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