License to Vote


Today is my day off work and I got up an hour earlier than usual. No, I’m not taking my fictional boat out on the mighty Mississippi river to spend the day fishing and making memories as I watch the beautiful sunrise, but rather I’m going to one of my least favorite places in the world. I have to go to the DMV, the department of motor vehicles, or hell, this morning and I’m the furthest thing from happy about it right now. The first time I went, I’d been waiting for more than an hour so I decided to come back the following morning with all of the same paperwork necessary to get my Tennessee driver’s license. The next day I waited in line for a little while and then was told that I didn’t have the proper proof of address and even though the it was the same piece of mail that was perfectly fine the day before, the unpleasant employee with the attitude was not letting it fly that day. I was forced to return to the DMV in September. My license plate was set to expire and I needed to switch my plate from Florida to Tennessee. I got up early that day, before they opened, trying to beat the crowd, but unfortunately the entire population of Memphis had that same idea. So, once again I waited in a long line. I figured since I had to wait in the line anyway I might as well slaughter two doves with one rock so I would get my new drivers license as well as my new license plate. That would have been way too simple, so when I got to the counter at the front of the line I was told that these two tasks couldn’t be completed in the same building. What an idiot I was expecting to do two things everyone with a car has to do, at the department of motor vehicles. Choosing not to wait I decided to get my license another time and drive across town to get my tags, and this morning as I sit here tiredly writing this, that decision has come back to bite me.

Why is it so important that I get my drivers license today? It’s not like my Florida ID is about to expire or anything, I’ve still got five years, but I can’t vote unless I have a state issued ID, something I’d found out by waiting in yet another line, this time at the Methodist church that had early voting. So here I am, less than a week away from the presidential election and being forced to go get a new driver’s license. I’m going early because I don’t want to spend multiple hours on my day off work standing in line and am choosing to do my waiting before they unlock the doors rather than after. Once I get my new ID with my killer mustache in the photo I’m going to go cast my vote early. I just want to point out how ridiculous it is that I was able to register to vote in Tennessee with a Florida driver’s license but I couldn’t use it to actually vote. It’s a good thing I tried voting early because otherwise I would have had no idea about my license predicament, and would have shown up on election day only to have my birthright taken away because the stupid law of which I wasn’t aware. Wish me luck as I embark on this morning full of waiting in line, and say a little prayer that I don’t get fed up with the system and sprint out of the DMV and leap from the sidewalk into oncoming traffic. While that is a long shot and very unlikely to happen, just like Donald Trump being elected president, let’s say a prayer asking for prevention, just in case.


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