Week 10 College Football Picks

I wasn’t going to do it after my awful picks last week but I’ve got an hour until I have to get ready for work and I have nothing better to do so here are my week 10 top 25 college football predictions this week. I’m very excited about the Alabama/LSU game today, and the fact that I will be off work in time to watch it. It’s possible that I’m too confident and overly optimistic but I think the Crimson Tide will win this one pretty easily (knock on wood). With the win over the Tigers today, Alabama will cement themselves as the best team in college football right now and confirm the widely perceived notion that the road to the championship will go through Tuscaloosa. At eleven this morning Vanderbilt goes on the road to 9th ranked Auburn in a game that I think the Tigers will unfortunately win. Wisconsin plays an up and down, inconsistent Northwestern team on the road today and although the Badgers have had a couple of setbacks on the season I think they get the win today.

Louisville who could very well be in the college football playoff at the end of the season is on the road against Boston College today. The Cardinals will win that one. Fourth ranked Texas A&M is on the road today in Starkville taking on Mississippi State and while I hope the Bulldogs can miraculously pull off the upset for my cousin who attends State, I don’t see it happening. Georgia Tech is on the road against what I think is an underrated North Carolina team today at 11:30. I don’t expect it to be a close game and the Tar Heels will win that one. I think the Oklahoma State/Kansas State game will be closer than people think but ultimately OK State will come out on top. Baylor has looked good this season and while part of me thinks TCU could get the upset on the road today I’m going to go with my gut and say that Baylor escapes with a close win.

Virginia Tech will beat Duke on the road and Clemson will get the easy win over Syracuse at home. My big upset that I’m taking this week is the 5-3 Arkansas Razorbacks over 11th ranked Florida at home. Arkansas got blown out by Auburn a couple of weeks ago but I think they will bounce back with a huge win today and knock Florida out of the playoff talks. So Washington State is in the top 25 this week and while I don’t believe they will finish the season there I think they’ll get the win at home over Arizona today. West Virginia is playing an abysmal Kansas Jayhawks team today and should win that one without much of a struggle. I think Florida State has proven to be overrated this season and while I think they’ll finish the season with one more loss it won’t come today. FSU beats North Carolina State on the road. Penn State shocked the country a couple of weeks ago by beating handing Ohio State their only loss on the season and they will continue rolling today with a win over 5-3 Iowa.

I haven’t been a big believer in Nebraska this season but they have continued to win and only have one loss on the season. The Cornhuskers play on the road against the 6th ranked Buckeyes in what I think will be the most exciting match up in the top 25 today. Ohio State wins this one at home but will be a pretty close game. And finally, undefeated Washington is on the road against an average California team. Washington wins the game to improve to 9-0. I feel pretty confident in all my picks today and maybe week 10 will finally find me perfect in all my predictions. Check back tomorrow to see how I did or to tell me that I am so bad I need to give it up and leave football picks to those smarter than I.


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