How ‘Bout Them Cowboys?!


Happy Monday everyone, and what a glorious day it is! It’s 50 degrees outside here in Memphis today, finally starting to feel like fall weather, I only have two days of work left before I’m off, and the Dallas Cowboys won yesterday! A few weeks ago, on a Monday, I wrote about how I was cynical of the Cowboys and wasn’t going to let myself get swept up in all the excitement yet, but we are officially halfway through the season and I can’t hold out any longer. We are 7-1, tied for the best record in the entire NFL with the New England Patriots, that’s right, THOSE Patriots, the one’s who win Super Bowls. I was crushed when Tony Romo got hurt during the preseason. I figured it was going to be another rough year, but Dak Prescott rose to the challenge and is playing incredible football. Throughout the preseason Dak had me and other Cowboys fans excited, but the media constantly threw it in our faces that it was only preseason and he was facing “vanilla schemes” on defense and would be exposed once the regular season got here. Guess what? The regular season has been here for two months and Dak has been playing phenomenally, making smart decisions and only throwing two interceptions on the entire season.

Yesterday’s game at Cleveland was only the third time I was able to watch Dallas this season because of work, and even though it was against the worst team in the NFL, it really opened my eyes to how good we are this year. Before the game I was really nervous and figured this is where we’d be exposed as the Dallas Cowboys of years past. My cynicism had me thinking that it would be textbook Dallas to get a big win in overtime on national TV and then come back the following week and lose to the team who hasn’t won a game so far. As we drove down the field and scored on our first drive, my worry evaporated and I was able to relax and enjoy the rest of the game. Ezekiel Elliot may very well turn into one of my favorite players of all time. He runs with such tenacity, quickness, and purpose that it’s hard not to feel a rush of excitement each time he touches the ball. No matter where the Cowboys are on the field, it always seems possible that if number 21 gets the handoff, he could break away for massive gain or a touchdown.

It’s so comforting to know that we have two incredible rookie players who are impacting the team in such a huge way, and that they will at least be around for a few more years, which brings hope and high expectations to Cowboys nation. The big controversy everyone is or will be talking about is whether or not Tony Romo should come back as the starting quarterback when he is healthy and I want to weigh in on that for a minute. The Dallas Cowboys are my favorite team in ALL of sports and Tony Romo is the first Cowboys superstar that I got to watch and follow from the very beginning of his career. Sure, I saw Irvin, Aikman, and Emmitt play growing up but I wasn’t born when those three started their careers in Dallas. Prefacing with that, Tony Romo has a special place in my hurt for the Dallas Cowboys and wish he could end his career by leading us to a Super Bowl win and silencing the millions of unjustified haters that he has, but unfortunately I don’t think that will happen.

The more Dak plays, the harder it is to justify taking him out and at this point, although I think Tony is great, I think Dak needs to stay in as the starter. Also, I think it would be a pretty terrible situation to put Tony in, because like my dad told me yesterday, Dak is playing so good and winning that if Romo comes in and makes any mistake at all, people will be calling to bench him immediately. Putting Romo in would be a no win situation for the him because he hasn’t played in months and would surely make a mistake at some point, causing more negative talk about him. I hate to say it but I think this is Romo’s last year in Dallas. He’s too expensive to keep around as a backup and plenty of teams could use him, and Tony is a competitor who wants to play, so he will seek a trade somewhere where he can make a difference. Personally, if he can’t stay in Dallas I would love to see him on the Jets, but that’s beside the point.

Although it’s likely that I’ve watched Tony Romo play his last game for the Cowboys, there is a lot to be excited about. Even our defense, the secondary in particular that tended to fall apart in the past, has come together and are virtually unrecognizable from last year. Sean Lee continues to be a great leader and a work horse on the field, seemingly in on a majority of tackles. It just seems like finally we have a well rounded football team who can get us further than we’ve gotten since the early 90’s (knock on wood of course). I generally like to be completely honest in my blogs for the sake of integrity but if someone would be so kind as to set up a go fund me page to get me Dallas playoff tickets then I will be more than happy to lie and dedicate an entire blog post to what a great person you are. I guess the only question now is “HOW ‘BOUT THEM COWBOYS?!?!?!?!


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