Please Vote for my Wife

I have a pretty big favor to ask of you today. Could you possibly go vote for my wife, as she will be unable to do so today. She, like me, registered to vote a couple of months ago but didn’t realize she needed a Tennessee drivers license until we both showed up and tried to vote early with only our Tennessee voters registration. My wife is a very hard worker and has worked every single day of the week, since she found out that she needed a new drivers license to vote, almost three weeks ago. She started a second job and for the past two weeks has had training Monday through Friday from 9 in the morning until 5:30 in the afternoon. This week, starting yesterday she was supposed to start working the 12:30 to 9 pm shift but since last week their training instructor was out sick, they had to be trained two days this week, Monday and Tuesday from 9 to 5:30, meaning that my wife literally doesn’t have an opportunity to go and get a drivers license which she needs to vote. She literally hasn’t had the opportunity to do so since she found out that she needed it.

She was going to vote for Hillary Clinton and would really appreciate it if you could help her out by making up for her missed vote. I realize Hillary isn’t the most popular candidate but my wife was going to vote for her because of the nasty things Donald Trump has said about her and members of her family. My wife is offended that someone would say the horrible things he did about assaulting women and the fact that Donald Trump called Mexicans, who came to the country illegally, rapists and criminals. My wife’s parents were both born in Mexico and they didn’t have the greatest lives, living in poverty. It’s not their fault that they were born into that situation, so why should they have to accept that depressing scenario as their way of life? They took matters into their own hands and came to America in search of the American dream, the same way all of our ancestors did at some point in time from various places in the world.

My wife’s parents are hard workers, her dad like my wife works two jobs and rarely takes time off work. He obtained his green card many years ago and eventually became a naturalized United States citizen. The truth is that if he had tried to do it the “right way,” before coming to the country, he never would have been allowed to come here. To my knowledge neither of my wife’s parents have committed crimes of any kind, and that includes speeding tickets. These aren’t the people we should be afraid of or trying to keep out of the country. These are nice, hard working people who did what was necessary to improve their quality of life, something each of us strive to do on a daily basis. These are kindhearted people who I guarantee you would invite Donald Trump in for a hot meal if he showed up outside their door hungry, which is more than I would do for him.

My wife was born in California, a United States citizen, with all of the same rights that you and I have. Her parents worked hard, risked a lot, and struggled so they could give her that amazing gift. Unfortunately, like I already said, she won’t be able to vote today. There’s nothing she can do, but I’m hoping that some of you can help her out and vote for her. Make sure my wife’s voice is heard and the gift her parents worked so hard to give her wasn’t in vain. Do my wife a favor and vote for Hillary.


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