Thursday’s with Mimi: Shop, shop, shop, eat.

A couple days ago, on Wednesday, my day off, I decided to hang out with my mimi (dad’s mom) for a little while. I know this column is supposed to be Thursday’s with Mimi” but the day we hang out isn’t as important as the actual hanging out part, so cut me a little slack here. I went over about nine in the morning and parked my car at the very end of the driveway, something I often do because I’m horrible at backing out of my grandparents driveway and one hundred percent of the time end up with at least one wheel creating indentions in the grass during my pathetic attempt. My grandad, who often vows to teach me how to navigate the contours of their driveway appeared out of the front door and told me to park in the street, so I could drive their Volvo. I would’ve had to stop for gas in my car so I was more than happy to oblige by driving the fueled up car with the fresh oil change. I went inside and talked with the grandparents for a few minutes before mimi and I left to go on our way, but not before I had her back the Volvo out of the driveway, which was suggested to me by my granddad when he handed me the keys before we left.

Our first stop was Walmart; she needed some green beans because she bought two different varieties for the Thanksgiving green bean casserole and she needed to get another can of the correct kind, and I wanted to print some pictures to fill a frame that we are about to hang up. We’ve been living in our apartment for four months and we haven’t hung up a single picture on the wall, they’ve literally been leaning against the wall in the bedroom, but my mom, grandmother, and brothers are coming to visit in a couple days so I thought it might be nice to have some pictures up. We found the green beans quickly and went to print my photos. I’m going to sound like an old person right now, but did you know you can print pictures instantly at the photo center? It’s amazing, for just 29 cents you can have a photo printed in seconds, no more of this one hour scam, you don’t have to wait at all. Anyway, we left Walmart with our tasks for that store accomplished, and made our way down I-40 toward the Wolfchase area.

We stopped by Barnes & Noble because there was a book I really wanted to get for my brother’s birthday on December 10, and if B&N had it, I was going to get it for him. I don’t think my brother reads this blog, but if he is, Happy Birthday Landon, you’re getting a book from me. Inspired, I began looking around and searching for books I could give as Christmas gifts. I bought one other item, that I won’t mention because the recipient will likely read this and I don’t want to ruin the surprise. From there we went to the mall, with Christmas still on the mind and walked around enjoying the hustle and bustle of shoppers that will continually increase until December 25th. I entertained the idea of going to get my picture with santa since there was no line and I hadn’t done that in years, but upon more thought I figured he would probably not be so cordial with a twenty-six year old, especially with no kids around to hear what he said. We went in a few stores and I bought another Christmas gift, and I showed mimi some ideas of what she could get my wife for Christmas, which in retrospect wasn’t the greatest idea on my part because I literally told her all of the ideas that I’d been thinking of, so now I have no idea what I’m going to do.

After the mall we had lunch at Chili’s across the street. We started the right way, with the chips and salsa, and both got the lunch special where you pick a soup or salad, an entree, and fries. She chose a salad and smoked chicken quesadilla and really enjoyed it, though it was quite a bit more food than she could eat, a problem I was more than happy to help her out with. I ordered a southwest chicken soup and a chicken bacon ranch quesadilla, but instead of the soup I somehow ended up with chili, that had a large pile of cilantro on top. I picked off as much cilantro as I could without dipping my fingers into the chili, and thoroughly enjoyed that as well as the quesadilla. My absolute favorite thing about Chili’s is the electronic tablet they have at each table where you can pay your check at any time. There is nothing I hate more than needing to speak with the waiter or waitress and not being able to find them. This is especially annoying when I’m waiting on the check, because after I’m done eating, I don’t want to sit around in a noisy and crowded restaurant, I want to go leave. The Chili’s tablet allows me to do that and I hope other restaurants will follow suit. After lunch I took mimi back home and we talked about Thanksgiving plans for a little while. It was another good day with mimi and the next post about our time together will be about Thanksgiving, where my wife and I will be at their house most of the day, arriving pretty early because we’re cooking the turkey this year.


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