Week 12 College Football Picks

Good morning everyone, and welcome to week 12 of the college football season. I took a couple weeks off from doing picks to regroup, clear my head, and just enjoy the wonderful games gifted to me by the football gods, but now with rivalry week coming up, I’m ready to get back in it, so without further ado, I give you my picks. Chattanooga at number one ranked Alabama should be a real nail biter…Chattanooga has a really good opportunity to win…the COIN TOSS. Seriously, there’s a better chance of me rooting four Auburn in the iron bowl next week than there is for Chattanooga to win this game. I really wished I would’ve picked the Louisville game the other night. I had a gut feeling Houston was going to win and that would have been huge to get that right, but I didn’t, so it doesn’t count…on we go. Ohio State will beat Michigan State today and retain their number two ranking…for now. I haven’t been all that impressed with Nebraska this year but I’ll take them over Maryland today.

Wisconsin at Purdue should be a pretty terrible game, a game in which the Badgers will walk aways as the victors. Texas A&M is pleading their case to be considered for the college football playoff with a huge game at UTSA, which I’m assuming is University of Texas San Antonio, but I’m not interested enough to find out. The Aggies win but unfortunately won’t be given the credit they deserve for such a big victory. 11th ranked Oklahoma State plays at TCU this morning and my gut is telling me to go with the horned frogs, but my brain is saying the Cowboys can’t lose this. I’m legitimately torn here, but I’m going to give the upset to TCU at home. 23rd ranked Florida plays at 16th ranked LSU. I’m giving the win to the Gators on the road. A terrible Oregon team on the road at an over ranked Utah team is not a game that I care to see, and luckily for me I’ll be working during that time. Utah wins but I’m not happy about it.

Indiana at Michigan could potentially be a close game and Michigan might be without their quarterback. WHO CARES? The Wolverines lost last week and will bounce back with a win today, which they should enjoy because I’m not so sure they’ll win their game next week, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Colorado will get the win at home against Washington State and Florida State will go on the road to clobber Syracuse. I’m so sick of Western Michigan but they will win today over Buffalo and 24th ranked San Diego State will get the win over Wyoming. I’m taking Clemson over Wake Forest and Washington to beat Arizona State, bouncing back after their loss to USC last week. I’ll take West Virginia at home to upset the 9th ranked Sooners and Penn State on the road to beat Rutgers. I have picked UCLA multiple times to get a big upset, and tonight would be a big one against 13th ranked USC. Unfortunately, UCLA has let me down too many times and USC is hot right now, so I’m giving the Trojans the win. Check my twitter (@regularkendall) and see how I’m doing today and stop back tomorrow for my NFL picks.


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