Week 11 NFL Predictions

money-manzielGood morning and happy Sunday everyone. It is a great day today; it’s 31 degrees outside right now, my brothers are in town visiting me, and most importantly we have a full day of NFL games today. I haven’t made any NFL picks in a couple weeks but I’m feeling it this week and ready to dip my toe back into the pool of humiliation. My Cowboys play the Ravens today at noon and unfortunately I’ll be at work and won’t get to see the game. After that huge win against Pittsburgh last week I think Dallas keeps the momentum going an beats Baltimore today. The Buccaneers are at a sneakily good Chiefs team today. I had high hopes for Tampa coming into the season but they have been wildly inconsistent from week to week and are currently sitting below .500 while the Chiefs only have two losses on the year. I’m taking KC at home. The team I perhaps stupidly projected to win the Super Bowl, the Arizona Cardinals are on the road at Minnesota today. While I would love to see Minnesota get smoked, I don’t see it happening at home against a middle of the road Arizona team. I’ll take Minnesota.

The bad news bears are at the giants today and it shouldn’t be much of a game, with New York getting the easy win. The Titans have really been looking good as of late, and I’m interested to see if they can finally start playing with some consistency here. Today will be a good test on the road in Indianapolis. I’ll take Mariota and the Titans to improve to a winning record. Just about every team I picked to make the playoffs this year has played horribly and Cincinnati is no exception. I’ll take them to lose at home to the 4-5 Bills. Another glaring example of how wrong I’ve been this year is thinking that Jacksonville could actually be decent, but here we are in week 11 and they are sitting at 2-7. They go to Detroit today and I’m picking Matt Stafford and the Lions to handle them pretty easily. The Steelers are playing the worst team in the league today, a team so bad that doesn’t even deserve to be mentioned by name. I’m taking Pittsburgh on the road.

Jared Goff is finally starting a football game today at home against a hot Miami team. I hope Goff plays well but I’m taking the Dolphins on the road. The Patriots/Seahawks game last week was incredible, one of the best of the year, unfortunately that won’t carry over to this week as New England plays a terrible 49ers team. San Francisco loses at home and if you listen closely, some say you’ll be able to hear the laughter of Jim Harbaugh. Eagles at Seahawks is a pretty intriguing matchup today. I’m taking Seattle to beat Philly pushing Dallas another game up in the NFC East. The Packers and Redskins play on Sunday Night Football. Green Bay got embarrassed last week in Tennessee and my thinking is that they’ll bounce back this week and win on the national stage. And finally, tomorrow night we have the Texans and Raiders playing in Mexico City. I’m shocked looking at the Texans record right now. I honestly thought Houston was much worse than that. Regardless, Oakland is hot right now and I’m going to give them the international win.


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