Thanksgiving Feast of Football Games

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! It’s a cliche that today is all about the three F’s; Family, Food, and Football, and while the first two things are great, I’m most excited about the third. We are blessed with three football games today, two of which should be really good match ups and fun games to watch. So as you gather with family or friends and enjoy the delicious meal that tastes extra special today, here is what I think you can expect to see today on the football field.

At 11:30 you have two 6 win teams playing a game that will determine the leader of the NFC North between the Vikings and Lions. We are a few years removed from being forced to watch Detroit on Thanksgiving day knowing that they will lose. Now it’s something of a treat to watch them play and we’re lucky enough to see them in a divisional rivalry game, one I think that they’ll actually win. I’m expecting the Vikings to somehow hang in the game for a while, but the Lions walking away as the winners. The second game of the day is the one I’m most excited about between the Cowboys and Redskins, my least favorite team in the NFL. I despise Kirk Cousins and his idiotic soundbites after his team gets the win, and I’ll take great pleasure today in watching him struggle today against a surprisingly good Dallas defense. The game is at 3:30 so whether you are done eating or not, you definitely need to make sure you’re in front of the TV for this one.

I don’t think this will be an easy game for the Cowboys by any stretch of the imagination but I’m all in on our rookies, Dak and Zeke to carry Dallas to their tenth straight victory. I think Jason Witten will be a key piece in the victory today as well as our defense rising to the challenge and playing one of their best games of the season. The Thanksgiving game has always been one of my favorite of the year and I think Cowboys faithful will be given another win today and that is something I’m truly thankful for. With Andrew Luck out for the Colts today, I’m not expecting the Thursday night game to be anything all that special but you can bet that I’ll be watching it just in case a Thanksgiving miracle occurs. While the Steelers have been something of a disappointment this year, playing pretty inconsistently from week to week, I think they’ll take care of business on the road tonight and walk away with a big win that puts Indianapolis blow five hundred.

Whatever happens in the games today, remember the bigger of what this day means and try to stay focused on that, unless of course the Cowboys somehow lose, then you are completely justified in throwing the turkey on the ground and ruining the rest of the family’s holiday as well. I hope you and your family have a happy Thanksgiving. Go Cowboys!


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