Week 12 NFL Picks

Call me the Dallas Cowboys from the past ten years because this weekend in my college picks, I went 8-8. Fifty percent I believe is the worst I’ve done all year, but we still have a few weeks left in the season so there’s still a chance it will get worse, so stick around to see just how terrible it can get. I’m hoping today’s NFL picks will be better but someone once told me, life isn’t fair, so I’m not all that confident right that things will go my way. Thursday I picked all three of the NFL games correctly so let’s hope I can continue this unprecedented hot streak through the weekend. I picked Arizona to win the Super Bowl this year and that is beginning to seem more and more unlikely. I’m not even sure that they’re going to make the playoffs this year and I think they will lose another one today to an offensively strong Atlanta Falcons team. A battle among losers, the Rams and Saints play each other today, both sitting at 4-6. It’s Jared Goff’s second game of the year so perhaps he surprises me and takes LA to victory but I’m not going to count on it. I’m taking grandpa Brees and the New Orleans.

I honestly can’t believe the Texans are playing as well as they have been, and with Brock Osweiler doing everything in his power to sabotage his own team. Although the records are telling me that Houston is the obvious choice today, I’m taking San Diego to get the road win. The Titans continue to be a thorn in my foot with their inconsistent play from week to week. Tennessee beat Aaron Rodgers and the Packers then followed it up last week by losing to a pretty bad colts team. Against Chicago today the Titans will have to work really hard to screw this up, but try as they might I don’t see it happening. Tennessee gets the win. The Dolphins are going to continue their winning streak today, not because they are an unstoppable force in the NFL but because the 49ers have one win on the season, against the horrendous Rams team in week 1. I would love to sit here and tell you that Cleveland will finally pull together today and even though their season is lost, play hard and find a way to beat the Giants, but I’m a pessimist and would be an idiot to take the Browns. New York wins on the road.

A .500 Ravens team is playing a Bengals team with a losing record today. I not only think Baltimore will win the game today, but I think they will be the team to advance to the playoffs out of that division. Coming into the season I thought Jacksonville would be really good, but they continue to prove me wrong every week and today will be no different as they fall to a Buffalo team that I think misses the playoffs. I’m so glad the Seahawks/Buccaneers game is the Fox afternoon game I get today, because in the 3:25 time slot it is clearly the best game being played. Seattle has been playing exceptionally well but Tampa has been improving and I think they get the upset today in Florida. Panthers and Raiders shouldn’t be a good game, a game in which the Raiders a team fresh off a win in Mexico, make Carolina wish Trump could’ve built his wall faster and kept the Oakland team trapped south of the border for all eternity.

Patriots play at the Jets this afternoon, but New York has continued to struggle finding a quarterback and well the Patriots have Tom Brady. I feel like this one goes without saying but just in case you don’t know anything about football I’ll make it very clear to you; the Patriots are going to win. You couldn’t ask for a better Sunday night game, well you could but it would be hard to find. The 7-3 Chiefs take on the Bronco’s with the same record in a divisional rivalry game that both teams are desperate to win, to stay one step behind Oakland in case they start to fall off. I’m taking Denver to get the big home win on national TV. And finally, tomorrow night we get to see a team that plays televised games way too often, the Green Bay Packers. They’re taking on an Eagles team that I hate, but unfortunately Aaron Rodgers won’t be able to magically make his team better like he’s done in years past. The Eagles win, and we all lose.


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