Highway 55: Good Burger in a Small Town

hwy-55When I’m in the mood for a great burger in Memphis I have a few reliable spots I can hit that deliver spot on flavor every time, but yesterday I spent the day in Searcy, Arkansas so when lunchtime rolled around I leaned on the recommendation of my brother Logan, and went to his favorite burger joint, Highway 55. Now before you go aimlessly driving down highway 55 it’s important to note that in Searcy it’s actually located on Beebe Capps Expressway just a couple of minutes away from the Harding University campus. Whether you are a college student, a local, or just someone passing through town I would highly recommend this place for a good lunch at a reasonable price. I got the special which included a cheeseburger topped with your choice of vegetables and condiments, a basket of fries, and a drink. I asked for my burger with pepper jack cheese, ketchup, mustard, pickles, and lettuce and an unsweet tea to drink, a cardinal sin in the south, but what can I say, I have my preferences.

The service was good and the food arrived relatively quickly, two baskets, one for the burger and another for the fries. In my experience a lot of burger joints don’t give much thought to the fries which can be disappointing as a good helping of fried potatoes can really round out the meal, but highway 55, while not the best fries I’ve had, definitely didn’t phone it in on the effort. The portion of crinkle cut fries was large, definitely enough to share and they were pretty good. The burger, while not the most visually pleasing, delivered on great flavors. The pickles and lettuce were left off but I was a couple of bites in before I noticed the mistake, and it was just so darn tasty I didn’t have the willpower to send it back and postpone eating the rest of my delicious sandwich. It was a good sized burger, cooked perfectly and very juicy, and by the time I’d crammed the last bite into my mouth I was satisfyingly filled.

Overall, I would give Highway 55 a rating of 8 out of 10, knocking off a couple points for the forgotten ingredients. The decor was nice, sending me back to a diner in the 1950’s that I otherwise never would have experienced. I must admit that going into the meal I wasn’t completely convinced that this chain burger restaurant would be that great, but I was pleasantly surprised. Maybe I’m a homer, but I still prefer the burgers at Huey’s and Houston’s in Memphis, to this one but if I’m ever looking for a good burger in Searcy, I know where to go. The whole meal cost under $8 and the portion size left nothing to be desired, which can sometimes be a hard find for that price these days. My brother Logan is very smart and yesterday’s recommendation just affirmed that notion, so if you are looking for a good lunch in Searcy, look no further than Highway 55. Enjoy!


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