The First Snow of the Year

img_3310I woke up at four twenty-three this morning, my adult half desperately needing to go to the bathroom, my inner child desperate to see if it was snowing. For the past couple of months on my weather app, it showed a snowflake as the symbol for the days weather at least once a week. I would get much too excited, only to be let down the following day, when the beautiful snowflake was replaced with the picture of the sun peeking out from behind a cloud. It was always the same, I’d see the snowflake, get really excited, then it would disappear, and I’d feel disappointed, on and on it went, so last week when I saw that there could be snow on Thursday of this week I was excited initially but tried not to be overly so, trying to break the cycle of self abuse. Sure enough, the day after New Year’s, the snowflake was nowhere to be found on the seven day forecast, but then something magical happened, the next day it popped back up, only this time, the big day was scheduled for Friday.

As the days passed and the temperatures continued to drop, the symbol of snow held steady on the weather app, the excitement of Friday’s possibilities almost too much to handle. On Thursday, with one day to go and snow still in the forecast, I threw caution to the wind and allowed myself to be swept up in the excitement of the weather, mentioning snow to everyone I worked with, and each customer that came in the door, I was king of the annoying small talk that nobody wants to engage in. I went to bed last night hopeful, like a child before christmas, and when I woke up at four twenty-three, all my beliefs in snow where justified as I looked out my bedroom window and watched the weightless dancers, moving effortlessly and free in the moonlight. It was a beautiful moment and I shook my wife awake to share it with me, playing the fifty/fifty odds that she would appreciate the snow as much as I do, rather than being mad that I woke her up. She wasn’t mad, but I suspect it had more to do with the fact that she might not have to go to work today, rather than the beautiful display by mother nature.

I went back to sleep and woke up an hour and a half later, immediately flipping onto my stomach and pressing down on a blind to look out the window. The snow had stopped, but there was a little bit on the ground. I checked the app on my phone and the chances of snow were still high in the coming hours. The county schools have closed, but I suspect I’ll still have to go to work unless we get some more winter weather (fingers crossed, mother nature). I don’t know if I’ll get an official snow day with hot chocolate, snowball fights, or the carefree feeling associated with a day of nothing to do, but whatever happens, I’m extremely thankful that after four long years, I’ve finally caught up to the elusive snowflake, my favorite weather symbol in the world.


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