The Pick Six, Playoff Edition


Today is just one of those days that you wake up feeling happy, everything seems perfect, and you have no worries in the world. It’s the first day of the NFL playoffs, where every game is an elimination game, so we as the fans are treated to a show in which the best teams in the league are fighting for their lives, and it is spectacular. This is not your typical “Pick Six” that I have been doing, for the sole fact that there are only four games this weekend, but it’s the same concept wherein I rank the games in order of interest level and pick the winners. Get it? Got it? Good. Let’s go.

Out of all four games this weekend, the Raiders at the Texans is the least interesting to anyone outside of these two respective fan bases, and for good reason. Had Oakland’s star quarterback not been hurt two weeks ago, they would be a team that could possibly make some noise in the playoffs, however now they are playing with backup quarterback who if you change replace two letters in his name (P for the M in Matt and R for the L in Mcgloin) and you have a classic prank call nickname. While I don’t often judge people based on their name, I think an exception can be made here because the name captures the essence of what kind of player Mcgloin is in the NFL, a joke. That being said, the Texans have quarterback woes of their own and I don’t see this being a pass heavy game whatsoever. I think the running game and defense of the Raiders will be enough to give them the win, but don’t expect me to pick them again next week.

Third on the list is the Giants at the Packers, a game that I will watch with an uneasy feeling in my stomach the entire time. I wish I could watch as an objective fan, just hoping for a good football game, but I can’t, for I am first and foremost a fan of the Dallas Cowboys and both of these teams worry me going forward. It’s really too bad they can’t both lose. As much as it physically hurts me to say, I think the Giants are going to win on the road tomorrow afternoon. On a side note can we all agree that Ben McAdoo looks like the creepy neighbor that you should avoid getting to know?

The Dolphins play at the Steelers in the noon game tomorrow, and this one holds some interest for me because I haven’t watched Miami play a single game all season and I’m curious if they’re actually legitimate title contenders or not. Unfortunately they have quarterback woes of their own, so the product on the field tomorrow might be somewhat damaged and make a bad first impression on me. At the beginning of the year I picked Pittsburgh to make it to the Super Bowl, and while I don’t think that’s going to happen now, I do believe they will win the game tomorrow.

Finally, the best game of the weekend is coming to you in prime time tonight, a 7:15 matchup between the Lions and the Seahawks. While I am a Cowboys fan, I legitimately enjoy watching both of these teams play and I think tonight’s game will be fantastic. It’s going to come down to how well the offense of Detroit can move the ball against Seattle’s tough defense, an intriguing struggle that will keep the game closer than a lot of people expect. This is the hardest game of the weekend for me to pick because my gut is telling me to go with the Lions but all logic is telling me that Seattle doesn’t lose at home, especially not in the first round of the playoffs. I hate it but I’m giving the win to Seattle.

Whatever crap you need to get done today, finish it by 3:30 because that’s when the NFL playoffs start, and really there is nothing in life that could possibly be more important than that. Cheers!


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