What You Need to Know this Weekend

Saturday is finally here, which means that after four loooong days without being able to watch the greatest sport in the world, we finally have a couple days here with some really good football to look forward to. Perhaps I’m biased, but the game I’m most excited about is Green Bay at Dallas tomorrow afternoon on Fox. As I watched the Packers and Giants play last week, I had a knot in my stomach knowing that Dallas would be playing the winner, neither of whom I wanted any part of, but alas, these are the playoffs and the opponent arrives whether you’re ready or not, and I’m fairly confident that we are ready. The key to winning the game for Dallas is whether or not our secondary can defend against Aaron Rogers. I’m not too worried about the offense, I think we can effectively move the ball against just about any defense, and I think our run D will be fine, so the game rests in the hands of the secondary. I’m picking Dallas to win, but I guarantee you I will be a nervous wreck before the game tomorrow.

Today at 3:35 on Fox we are treated to the other NFC matchup this weekend, Seattle at Atlanta. When these two teams played earlier in the year, Seattle scraped by with a close win, but I’m expecting a different outcome today. I think the Falcons high powered offense will be too hard to handle for the Seahawks defense, despite arguably having one of the best corners in the NFL. I haven’t been too impressed with the Seahawks offense, but I don’t think they’ll get shut out by any means. My prediction is a high scoring game with Atlanta advancing to the NFC championship next week. Sorry Seattle fans (bandwagon and otherwise), the twelfth man doesn’t come along on road trips.

Tonight’s game, Texans at Patriots, is the one I’m least excited about this weekend because I think it will be the least interesting. I think the Patriots are going to absolutely destroy the Texans tonight and Brock Osweiler will have at least two interceptions. If the Patriots get a multiple touchdown lead early, which I think they’ll do, Houston will be forced to throw the ball to try and play catch up, which will result in the most overpaid player in football having a night typical of his ability. I don’t think there’s any way that the Texans win, but I also didn’t think there was any way that Donald Trump would be elected president, but here we are, his inauguration quickly approaching. Strange and unlikely things have happened over the past year, but sorry Texans fans, beating New England won’t be added to the list.

Tomorrow night the Steelers play the Chiefs in Kansas City at 7:20 on NBC. Aside from the Cowboys game, this was the one I’m most excited about, but now I won’t be able to watch it, because apparently there’s an ice storm that prompted the game to be moved from noon to 7:20, and I’ll be at the Grizzlies/Bulls basketball game tomorrow night. Since when did the NFL start moving games to accommodate the weather? Think about some of the classic games in NFL history that will never be forgotten; the fog bowl, the ICE bowl, games played during snow where you could hardly see the players. The weather was in part what made these games unforgettable, but now the NFL is worried about a little ice. Come on. I think this game will be incredible but for me picking this game comes down to the two quarterbacks and who I feel can confidently lead a team to a playoff win, and sorry Chiefs fans, but I’m sure you understand why Alex Smith is the obvious worse choice out of the two options. Ben Roethlisberger has been playing great lately along with LeVeon Bell and Antonio Brown, a trio of superb athletes who will not be stopped tomorrow. Pittsburgh wins on the road at Arrowhead.


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