The New Job

Today I start a new job. The daily blog has become so wildly popular that I’m able to quit my normal person job and focus solely on writing. Right. The real reason for the job change is that I worked at a cafe in the park, a park that few people visit now that we are in the midst of winter. So if nobody is coming to the park, fewer still are stopping in the cafe, and there just weren’t enough hours to be spread around amongst myself and my six coworkers, so I did the necessary thing and found a new job, the one I start today. How do I feel on my first day? Nervous, excited, anxious, and tired, not necessarily in that order. I would say first and foremost that I’m tired, due to the fact that I slept for only four hours last night. I know, I know, I should be well rested on the first day of work, and I tried to be, but my other emotions kept me awake in bed, thoughts whirring through my mind at lightening speed as I kept my eyes clamped shut, desperate to fall asleep. I’m pretty excited about all the possibilities that this new career might have in store for me and the experiences I will gain in a new field. I’m nervous because I’m putting a lot of pressure on myself to be great, for I literally cannot afford to squander this incredible opportunity, and finally I am anxious, anxious because I’m not entirely sure what to expect, a feeling sure to dissipate after my first couple of days, as I fall into the routine of my new life.

It really is too bad that I didn’t get enough sleep because today is training, which is traditionally not the most exciting thing in the world, so feeling well rested would have really been an advantage today, but luckily I have another weapon to fight the fatigue. Thank God for coffee. I bet you’re all dying to know what the new job is right? Or maybe you don’t really care but are reading just to be polite? Either way, I’m going to work at a bank. I’ll decline to give specifics for now, as I’m unsure what my new employer’s policy is regarding being talked about by an employee online, so I will leave you to bask in your unknowing and nonchalance. I’m not quitting my job at the cafe in the park, but will only be working there once every week or so, unwilling as I am to give up a job that I truly love. It will be nice when I get to work there and will probably look forward to those days, but I’m optimistic that I will enjoy my new job just as well. If you’ll excuse me I better go now. I’ve got loads of working class things to do in the next hour; shave, shower, iron, maybe not iron, and pack my lunch. Wish me luck. I look forward to showing off my newly learned career skills the next time we play Monopoly.


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