I Had a Dream

Last night I had a dream, but don’t worry this isn’t going to be inspirational or anything, just probably a bit confusing. My family and I were in the airport, one I’ve never been in before, running and trying to get to the plane on time before takeoff. We barely made it but there was a jerk running in front of me the whole way who was taunting me and saying that I would never make it in on time. It made me mad, but luckily he was wrong and I got on the airplane just as the door was closing. Unwilling to forget about the taunting and just go to my seat, I decided to make him pay for his rude comments so I followed him to the back of the plane and when he opened the bathroom door I pushed him inside. I grabbed his hand and twisted, threatening to break it, and it was at this point I realized that almost every inch of visible skin was covered in tattoos. “Punk” I though to myself, as I looked past my own tattoos and judged this man because of his. When I realized that, how unfair I was being to him I apologized and let go of him, and without a word he stood up and pushed past me out of the bathroom.

I watched as he walked with a purpose towards the front of the airplane. I don’t know how he did it but somehow he managed to get into the cockpit and take control of the plane, and suddenly I was standing right beside him, terrified. He turned at me and smiled a nasty, villainous smile and winked as he pressed the a control forward, causing the airplane to lurch into a nose dive. I watched the screen that told the altitude which was decreasing rapidly and I pleaded with the man not to do this, and then to my surprise he listened to me. He leveled off the plane, but then he told everyone to form a line in front of him, leading to the cockpit, and everyone did.

One by one each person walked forward and answered a question. If they got the answer correct they got to go back to their seat, but if they answered wrong, they were pushed out of the airplane. It was a simple question, one that didn’t require any prior knowledge. He asked each person to tell him how many houses they owned. Apparently this guy didn’t like people who had more than one house so he pushed all multiple home owners out of the plane. Surprisingly there were a lot of people who owned two or more houses on the plane, way more than I expected, but luckily I was not one of them. I sat in my seat, feeling relief for just a brief second before I felt the plane nose dive again and I knew that I was going to die after all.

I have no idea what the dream means. I haven’t traveled by airplane in a while or thought anything about owning two houses, so truly I am baffled by this. If you or someone you know can interpret dreams, I would love to hear your thoughts on what you think this one means.


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