The One Day Weekend

img_3368With only one day off work this week I wanted to make the most of my short weekend, so at 8:15 my wife and I stepped out of our apartment into the the cold morning air, ready to cram in as many fun activities as we desired. We went to breakfast at La Baguette, a quaint little cafe that once inside looks as if you might actually be on a street somewhere in France. My wife and I both had croissants of different variations, to go along with her juice and my coffee. It would have been nice to sit and relax, drinking coffee and talking the morning away, but there was no time for that today, as our next activity awaited. We left La Baguette and went to the zoo, where we didn’t stay as long as we normally would, due to the fact that most of the animals seemed to be hiding out from the cold away from the watchful eyes of curious spectators. My favorite area of the zoo, Cat Country, only had one animal on display today, the snow leopard, who coincidentally didn’t seem to mind the thirty-seven degree temperature.

We stood for a few minutes and watched the Bonobos monkeying around in the warmth of their inside playroom, and that is when I saw one of the most amazing things I’ve probably ever witnessed an animal do. There was a small faucet of running water and the monkeys would take an empty two liter soda bottle and hold it beneath the liquid, then just as a human would, they drank water from the bottle. We walked to the Northwest Passage and watched a polar bear swimming around, doing some sort of exercise routine by the appearance of it, and then watched some black bears wandering aimlessly around quite possibly thinking that they should be hibernating. After the zoo we went to my favorite bookstore in Memphis, Burke’s. It’s not that I need any new reading material, but it’s always fun to browse and buy some anyway, and with their huge selection of new and used books, I could have spent hours, and hundreds of dollars inside, but I exercised some self control and only bought three. I’d been wanting to try this burger place called Sear Shack for a while so we decided to go there for lunchimg_3380

I got a cheeseburger with sear sauce (a ketchup/mayonaise hybrid with other “secret ingredients”), pickles, lettuce, and crispy onions, and fries on the side. The fries weren’t the best I’ve ever had but they were certainly better than a lot of places that serve them with remnants of potato skin still attached. The burger was absolutely fantastic; it was cooked perfectly, the sauce was delicious, and the lettuce, pickles, and onions, gave it a nice crunch. The lettuce, by the way was shredded, and for some reason unknown to me I prefer that over a leaf, so it was a pleasant and welcome surprise. As far as my search for best burger in Memphis goes, this one is definitely near the top of the list, better than Huey’s and maybe beating out Houston’s for my favorite, but before I can give a definitive answer I’ll need to go to Houston’s again. Thank God that there are three meals a day. We ordered milkshakes to go, chocolate for my wife, and salted caramel for myself based on recommendation from the cashier. It was homemade and it was delicious, but it was a milkshake and I can’t recall ever having one that I didn’t enjoy.


After lunch we drove to Germantown to go to the last place I wanted to go today, the Choose 901 pop-up shop. They design and sell a variety of things related to the Choose 901 theme, the area code in which we live, and only sell them infrequent occasions at their pop-up shops around town, and since moving here last July I hadn’t been able to visit one yet, as I’d always had a conflicting work schedule. It was really crowded, like we had to wait in line just to get inside. If I were a different person with a different job and a different salary I definitely would have spent a lot more money there, but since I’m me and my wife was there to keep my spending in check I walked away with a hat and a coffee mug, with the promise that we could come back next time and get some of the other things I wanted.

We came back home, watched a little TV and decided I needed a nap, for a good weekend is not complete without one. I retreated to the bedroom and slept gloriously for about an hour before waking up to do a little reading. It’s been a great day, full of lots of fun and good food, and it’s only 3:15. Who knows what tonight will hold but I’m sure it will only add good things to my day off work.


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