The Cube Organizer

It happened about a month ago. My wife decided to get us a cuber organizer to put in our bedroom. For the lucky people out there who don’t know what a cube organizer is, it’s basically a rectangular shelf with wooden panels dividing it into squares that you can slide cubed shaped drawers into. We each have a dresser that sit inside our respective closets but we apparently needed to have something else to hold clothes, against the side wall of the bedroom, to make things like socks and underwear more easily accessible, because God knows how many times I’ve thought about putting on clean underwear but was unwilling to slide the closet door open, and ended up wearing the same boxers for a month. That is how the cube organizer made its way into our home.

A couple weeks later I noticed my wife walking around with a tape measure taking different measurements, first in the bedroom and then in the bathroom. Deep down I knew that I didn’t want to know the answer to the question, but my curiosity got the better of me and I asked what she was doing anyway. “Just measuring.” My wife, rarely one to volunteer more information than necessary continued her measuring, keeping me in the dark, but I knew eventually I would have my answer. Later that night Leticia asked me what I thought about getting a cube organizer for the bathroom to keep towels in, rather that folded in the cabinet below the sink like peasants. The question was irrelevant, a formality to let me think that my opinion mattered, but I knew this and knew that regardless of how I answered we would be getting a second cube organizer.

Our second cube organizer was bigger than the first, and didn’t realize this until it was put together and brought into the bathroom. It was too bulky and took up too much space, so we put it in the hall just inside the doorway. We put the towels in it as planned, although it didn’t seem to make much logistical sense to have the towels down the hall away from the bathroom, but we made it work. A few days ago we bought our third such piece of furniture to put inside the hall closet, where we would keep the towels and the one in the hall now holds miscellaneous junk including our apartment lease. If you had asked me if I ever thought I would be the owner of three cube organizers I would have said that it was preposterous. In the past I never would have thought that in the course of a month these pieces of furniture that I never knew existed would invade my home like some sort of disease, but here they are, ever present wherever I turn. Some people like artwork hanging throughout the house, and some people like decorative plants, but my wife likes cube organizers. If it makes my wife happy then it’s worth it to walk to the hall closet for a towel before showering. Marriage is about give and take, and I’m willing to take this one for the woman I love.


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