My Biggest Failure of the Year…So Far

So it’s the first day of February, one month has gone by in 2017 and as promised I am here to reflect on my new year’s resolutions to help hold myself accountable. I had four goals coming into the new year and I have stuck with two of them, and failed rather spectacularly on the other two. They may sound terrible but I honestly don’t know a year where I’ve kept any of my resolutions for more than a month, so I feel good about where I’m at now. Let’s start off positive, with the things I have done so far before we get into my failures. I said that I was going to write a blog every single day this year, and so far I have. I’ve been doing this for a little more than five months now so you may think it has become pretty easy for me to do, and while that is the case on some days, on others it’s incredibly challenging, and I can’t think of anything at all to write about. You may be thinking to yourself that perhaps this is why I’m writing a post reflecting on my resolutions but I assure you this was the plan all along.

The second goal that I’ve stuck with to this point is reading at least one book every week. I’ve actually been averaging about two and it’s been a lot of fun. I find that I enjoy my evenings more when I am reading rather than sitting in front of the TV, plus I’ve read some incredible stories that I was definitely missing out on by not having read them. I’m not going to re-list everything I’ve read this month but you can go back and find my list along with some recommendations on the blog from three days ago. So far, reading more has been the most fulfilling of the two resolutions I stuck with.

Let’s move on to where I failed, shall we? Okay I said I was going to write 1,000 words in my book every single day and guess how many days that lasted? Two. It was far too ambitious of a goal and while I haven’t completely given up on it, I am revamping it starting tomorrow and will be writing 500 words per day, Monday thru Friday. I get an hour lunch break at work, which is unnecessarily long given I usually don’t go anywhere, so I figured I could use the back half of my break to do my writing, something I’ve already done a few times already. If you think that sticking with this resolution for only two days was my biggest failure of the year so far, then you are sadly mistaken. I vowed to only drink water, tea, and coffee this year. January 2nd I bought a soda and haven’t looked back. I now drink a Sprite zero every day at lunch, and while I’m giving up on the resolution to completely cut out soda, I am drinking it more moderately. If messing up this resolution on January 2nd is my biggest failure of the year, 2017 is going to be pretty awesome.


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