Thoughts on the Super Bowl and Halftime Show

I never watch the Super Bowl for the halftime show. In fact I usually abhor the halftime show and the sheer randomness of it. I want to watch the championship football game, not a singer or band I don’t care about drone on for too long while I sit around and wait for the game to begin again. That being said, I like lady Gaga and am at least this year, mildly interested in her halftime performance, mostly because I’m curious if one of the biggest stars in the world, who can be quite controversial, will use the world’s big stage to shock everyone. Unfortunately, I will probably be watching on mute, as I’ll be at my grandparents house and my grandfather who doesn’t like all the self adulation of NFL players, will hardly want to watch a pop star dance around on stage for half an hour. I’m sure like me, he finds it to be a ridiculous distraction from the game at hand, but unlike me will probably mute the TV or change the channel for the duration of halftime.

As for the game itself, I think it will be a great one and I’m very excited about it. I’m torn between who to pull for, unlike much of the public who either love the Patriots and the Brady/Belichek work ethic and dominance, or hate their dominance and want to see the best football team of the past decade fall once again to an underdog opponent in the biggest game of the year. I will be satisfied with either result, but I hope and believe that it will be a very close game. Watching these two teams in the playoffs hasn’t really helped me in picking this game. On one hand, New England has been quite good as was expected, and the on the other Atlanta has shown just how good their offense really is. I was disappointed that Dallas lost their playoff game to Green Bay, but in all honesty I don’t know that the Cowboys would have been able to stop the Falcons and advance to the Super Bowl. Given the iffy pass defense of Dallas, I’d say the chances of that happening would have been unlikely.

It has been fun watching Matt Ryan effortlessly guide his team down the field, completing passes to a myriad of wide receivers, but the same could be said for Tom Brady. I’m the kind of fan who prefers offense over low scoring defensive battles and I think these two teams are sure to put on a high scoring show. As a fan with no rooting interest it is all I could hope for. Picking the winner of this game is not an easy decision for me. I have to believe that New England will come into the game prepared to handle the explosive offense of Atlanta, but I’m not sure if their defense will be up for the challenge. That is why after much thought and consideration, I’m picking the Falcons to win Super Bowl 51. I may be wrong, but I’m going with my gut on this one. Atlanta will definitely have to rise up on defense to make their dream a reality, and it is my belief that they will.


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