The Tax Return

I really don’t want to be writing this right now. It’s not that I don’t enjoy writing my daily blog, but today my mind is wandering as I focus on what awaits me once I finish writing, which should in turn motivate me to get this done but it is doing the opposite. Ever since entering the adult world of working, few days are as enjoyable and as satisfying as when I get my income tax return. I look at my paychecks every so often throughout the year as taxes are taken out, knowing that eventually some of that money will be coming back to me in a lump sum, for me to do with what I please, and today when I woke up I saw it waiting for me in my bank account. It was hard to stay focused at work because I knew what I would be spending that money on. The majority of it is going into savings and to pay off the iPhones my wife and I bought last year, but there is a little bit there is some we set aside to split, so Leticia and I can buy something for ourselves that we wouldn’t buy any other time of year.

I’ve wanted a dog for a long time and thought about using my portion of the money to pay the pet deposit at my apartment and to rescue a dog from the shelter, but after much consideration I decided against it. It would just make things too complicated right now, potentially more of a hassle than it’s worth, so I nixed that idea for the time being. I considered using the money to fund a trip to St. Louis to watch a Cardinals game this spring, but I would need to take a day off work and since I just started a new job, am not ready to do so at the moment. I thought about buying some concert tickets but after a day or a weekend, all evidence of my tax return spending money would be gone with little to show for it, so I decided to get something I’ve wanted for a while and will provide me with frequent entertainment, a Playstation 4.

Ever since I was a kid, I have I always been an Xbox guy, buying the original then the 360, and finally a couple years ago the Xbox 1. I felt that the Playstation was an inferior product plus I wouldn’t be able to play my favorite game, Halo on it. The Xbox 1 was a massive disappointment and when we got ready to move from Florida to Memphis I decided to sell it for some extra money, vowing one day once we were settled in our new life to buy a PS4, and that day was today. I picked it up from Best Buy an hour ago and am very excited to get it hooked up and play late into the evening. I fully expect to be tired at work tomorrow, but I’m okay with that, because today I feel like a kid on christmas morning, almost giddy with excitement as I wait to play with my new toy. I don’t have a lot to show for my last year of work, but I do have the Playstation, and in a way, it’s totally worth it.


4 thoughts on “The Tax Return

  1. What are you playing on PS4 right now? We’ve always been xbox fans too but last year I got a PS3 (at the time there were very few games available on the PS4) and I like it but Bailey just got the PS4. She said to tell you to get Mortal Combat or Injustice so you guys can play live. 🙂

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